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15 Truths Anyone “On a Diet” Can Relate To

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Let’s talk about the dreaded “D” word: dieting. Diets have gotten a bad rap over the years, and not entirely without reason. Fad diets, juice cleanses, and ineffective workout strategies have all played their part in making dieting seem totally miserable.

It’s not all doom and gloom—there are plenty of diets that are both healthy and delicious!—but the truth is, any lifestyle change comes with its own set of challenges.

Diets aren’t just for weight loss. Ditching the junk food and switching to healthier snacks is a great way to gain energy and improve your overall health. But no matter your diet goals, you will almost certainly relate to these non-negotiable truths about being “on a diet.”

1. When will you start your diet? Monday, obviously.

“I mean next Monday,” said every dieter ever.

2. That feeling when you find out how many calories your favorite snack contains.

2. calories in favorite snack Credit: Buzzfeed


3. Your first day at the gym feels like this:

We’ve all gotta start somewhere. It’ll get easier!

4. But after a week or two, you can actually feel yourself getting stronger.

4. getting stronger Credit:

Flex them muscles!

5. Eating out is the hardest—especially when your friend orders a burger and you order a salad.

5. group outings Credit: ManVFat

Pssst, salad doesn’t have to suck. If you hate salad, our ultimate quick superhero kale salad might just change your mind!

6. There is no better feeling than sitting down to eat your cheat meal.

6. cheat meal


7. But it can be hard to stop at just ONE cheat meal.

It happens to the best of us.

8. Sometimes you tell yourself, “I’ll just have one cookie. . .”

8. just one cookie Credit: ManVFat

And then this happens.Don’t get discouraged! Just start again tomorrow.

9. But don’t worry, you’re not alone. Sticking to a diet is tough for everyone—even Starlord!


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Rapping probably burns calories, so bonus points for you, Mr. Pratt!

10. How you feel when you finish a really intense workout.

Remember that feeling the next time you want to skip your work out!

11. Sticking to your goals = getting a reward!

11. reward Credit: WiffleGif

Just make sure your reward won’t sabotage your diet. Buy yourself that new pair of shoes or that book you’ve been wanting instead.

12. Pretty soon, you’ll start to see results.

12. results Credit: Reddit

Who’s that stunner in the mirror? That’s right, it’s you.

13. And then other people will start to notice, too!

Work it!

14. You’ll still slip up from time to time, though. And that’s okay.

14. slip up sometimes Credit: MemeSuper

No one’s perfect.

15. But the ultimate dieting truth? Weight is just a number on a scale, and you’re already amazing just the way you are.

15. you are beautiful Credit: WeHeartIt

And don’t you forget it!

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