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15-Minute Prenatal Yoga Routine To Fight Morning Fatigue

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I'm currently in my 5th month of pregnancy, and I have twin boys due around December 15th. I am so excited and I truly do love being pregnant.

I love yoga, so even though I have so many reasons not to get on my mat — e.g. my belly is too big, I’m exhausted, I need to eat again — it’s always the best thing I do for myself if I just get in a few stretches and connect with my breath.

With my first son, Timothy, I was doing headstands up until a few days before he was born. I have to admit, though, this time around I have a lot more fatigue. I’m sure it’s due to having two inside of me and also having a toddler to look after.

If you’re expecting and also battling fatigue, this morning prenatal yoga routine will help you perk up and feel great throughout the day.

1. Cat/Cow

Cat-Cow prenatal

I love cat/cow for waking up the body. It warms up the spine, is great for the pelvic floor and abdominals, and feels good on the back.

2. Warrior One

prenatal warrior one

A great pose for boosting energy, Warrior 1 strengthens the legs, gives moms confidence, opens up the hip flexors and entire front body.

3. Extended Side Angle

prenatal extended side angle

Stretches the sides and waist, which allows for more breath in the body immediately waking everything up. Extended angle tones the legs and buttocks, and lengthens the entire body.

4. Goddess Pose or Sumo Squat

prenatal goddess sumo squat

Squats are great for boosting energy and getting the heart rate up. Squats are also great to practice as expecting moms since they prepare the body for labor and delivery. Sumo squat especially strengthens the inner thighs, hips and pelvic floor.

5. Tree Pose

prenatal tree pose

Tree helps with concentration, balance, and stability. Every time we focus our mind, it helps increase our energy. When we are frazzled and all over the place, it zaps our energy. Try doing tree to get focused and also gather your thoughts and worries in to one place and release them through the breath. As an expecting mom it’s challenging not to be anxious or thinking about the future.

6. Fire Log or Ankle-to-Knee Pose

prenatal fire log ankle to knee

One of my favorite poses! Ankle to knee opens up the hips, stretches the inner and outer thighs, and strengthens the pelvic floor. We often store a lot of pent up energy in out hips, this pose releases it and allows it to be used for all of our daily activities.

7. Straddle With Twist

prenatal straddle split

This is one of the safe twists for pregnant women to perform since the belly stays open and doesn’t cross the midline. Twists are great for lifting our energy. Twist in straddle opens up the hips, inner thighs, and sides of waist.

Try these out if you're expecting as a great way to start your day and increase your energy while fighting fatigue. Even if you're not preggers, this is a good simple routine to practice for everyone!

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