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15 Hilarious Dog Memes to Brighten Up Your Day

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Sometimes we really have to wonder what we ever did to deserve dogs. They're incredibly loyal, they'll love you no matter what, they make the days better, and they're always there to happily greet you when you come home—every single time.

So to celebrate these adorable, loving, and oftentimes funny creatures, here are hilarious dog memes to brighten up your day and make you give your furry friend a huge, well-deserved hug and a treat.

1. And It Goes On and On and On…

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2. Morning Pep Talk

Credit: Imgur Credit: Imgur

3. This Sassy Husky

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4. Same Here, Dog

dog meme 4

5. Asking Life's Important Questions

dog meme5

6. Not Cool, You Guys…

dog meme6

7. When You Have Days Like This…

dog meme8

8. Shift Your Attitude and Be a Happy Breather

dog meme7

9. This Dog Is All of Us

dog meme 9

10.“No, Officer. It’s ‘Hi, How Are You’

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11. Customer Service Work is Ruff…

dog meme 11

12. …But You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do

dog meme 12

13. Well This Is Awkward…

dog meme 13

14. Lawyer Dog Will See You In Court

Credit: QuickMeme Credit: QuickMeme

15. That Settles It, Then.

dog meme 11

Does your dog do ridiculously funny stuff too? Share your stories below and tag us @doyouyoga in your funny dog photos!

Image credit: Golden Retriever Bailey

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