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13 Signs You’re Into Vinyasa Yoga

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Vinyasa yoga, marked by it’s flowing, fast-paced movements, has a dedicated following of yogis. Unlike the other varieties of the practice, Vinyasa style classes keep students moving through a series of poses, done on each side, connected with a “Vinyasa.” Poses are held for a shorter period of time and each class is different than the last.

Like any other style, Vinyasa yogis have their quirks, ones that will give are a dead giveaway to the style of their practice.

Here are 13 signs you're into Vinyasa yoga.

1. You Like to Keep Things Moving

Credit: Giphy Credit: Giphy

You don’t like sitting still or waiting for things to happen.

2. You Don’t Like Doing the Same Thing Twice

Credit: Giphy Credit: Giphy

To you, variety is the spice of life.

3. When You’re Listening to Music in the Car, You Think How Great This Song Would be to “Flow To”

Credit: Giphy Credit: Giphy

4. You Have a Tattoo of the Moon Cycles on Your Forearm, Leg, or Side of Your Abs

5. You Have The Full Moon Cycle Tattooed On Your Back

5. You Say Things Like, “The Universe Has My Back.”

6. You No Longer Fear the Word Chaturanga — You Actually Look Forward to It.

Credit: Giphy Credit: Giphy

7. You Know That the Transition is Just as Important as the Pose

Credit: Giphy Credit: Giphy

And you’ll use that tidbit as advice for your yogi friends.

8. And You’re Always Working on a New Transition

12 Adorable Babies Doing Yoga -- crow pose

Because just getting into Crow Pose isn’t enough.

9. You’ve Started to Match Your Breath to Everything You Do

Deep Breath Photo Credit:

Walking, lifting weights, eating — you’re inhaling in the good and exhaling out the bad all day.

10. When You Look up at the Sun, You Think “I Should be Doing Sun Salutations Right Now.”

Credit: HNGN Credit: HNGN

11. The Word “Floating” Has Nothing to do With Being in Water

Credit: Silvia Mordini Credit: Silvia Mordini

You’re a pro at floating your feet up between your hands.

12. The Right Side of Your Body is Stronger Than the Left

Credit: Pfau Fitness Credit: Pfau Fitness

Because you’re just too tired to hold that last Warrior III on the left side… every time.

13. When the Teacher Forgets a Pose on One Side But Your Body Automatically Went There Anyway, You Know You’re a Well Trained Vinyasa Yogi.

Credit: Giphy Credit: Giphy

What about all you Vinyasa lovers? Which of these signs you're into Vinyasa yoga resonated with you? Share with us in the comments below!

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