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13 Problems Only Yoga Teachers Will Understand

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Being a yoga teacher is exciting, fun, and deeply rewarding. It is not, however, always a relaxing experience. Our students come to yoga to unwind and build their practice, and sometimes there's a lot of pressure on us teachers to provide that space for them.

If you're a fellow yoga teacher, here are some problems only yoga teachers will understand:

1. You get tongue-tied trying to say Chaturaṅga Daṇḍāsana.

Credit: Giphy Credit: Giphy

Because let's face it, Sanskrit is tricky.

2. You forget the sequence you did on the right side and a student calls you out on it.

Credit: Giphy Credit: Giphy


3. You have major post-teacher training let down because the general population doesn't want to talk about their chakras and anatomy all day.

Credit: QuickMeme Credit: QuickMeme

4. Speaking of anatomy, you forget that most people don't know what a sacrum is and why you get weird looks when you use that term outside the yoga studio.

Credit: ReactionGifs Credit: ReactionGifs

5. When you have a yoga playlist ready to go and accidentally have shuffle turned on.

Credit: Giphy Credit: Giphy

Goodbye, sequencing.

6. When you ask the class what they want to work on, and your whole plan goes out the window.

Credit: ReactionGifs Credit: ReactionGifs

7. When you tell someone you're a yoga teacher, and they look at you like you have three heads because that can't possibly be a real career.

Credit: reddit Credit: reddit

8. When a student busts you eating a pile of greasy fries after class.

Credit: Giphy Credit: Giphy

We can't be perfect all the time!

9. When there's traffic on the way to teaching and you catch yourself yelling at the other cars.

Credit: Giphy Credit: Giphy

Then you tell your students to be mindful and calm "even when you're stuck in traffic."

10. When you get to class and realize you left your essential oils at home.

Credit: ReactionGifs Credit: ReactionGifs

Guess it will be a hands off Savasana.

11. When you have to put real clothes on for the first time in months, because unfortunately yoga pants aren't acceptable everywhere.

Credit: Credit:

But they really should be!

12. When your students ask you for cures to any and all aliments they have.

Credit: ReactionGifs Credit: ReactionGifs

Which is actually flattering that they think you have all the answers.

13. When you reply "just do what feels right" because that really is always the answer.

Credit: BaseballFam Credit: BaseballFam

But of course we know that no matter what, we always have the best job in the world!

Have any of these happened to you? What other "problems" do you yoga teachers experience? Share with us in the comments below!

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