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13 Healthy Foods to Add to Your Grocery List

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We all know that fresh greens and seasonal fruits are good for us. We know we should be eating more of them than anything else, and as such, we have grown to love spinach because of Popeye, carrots because of Bugs Bunny, and broccoli…because of our persistent mothers.

But what about some of the other isles at the grocery store we end up casually ignoring? What about the rest of the deliciously healthy foods we could be playing with?

Here are 13 healthy foods that should be on your grocery list next to kale, apples, and citrus fruit.

1. Mushrooms

These little guys help balance estrogen in women's health, and they will fill you up without stealing all your allotted calories for the day.

2. Dates

Whether you eat them for desert or in a salad, these Fall goodies are high in potassium so they will help your body maintain hydration and muscle health.

3. Barley

Being super high in fiber, this grain is great for curbing cholesterol.

4. Sage

An anti-inflammatory food and an anti oxidant, sage has shown itself to be great for brain function and memory retention.

5. Walnuts

These nuts specifically are high in Omega 3, so you can use them to boost energy, even out mood swings, and create healthy skin and joints.

6. Oatmeal

Another dieter's dream food, oats are filled with protein and will keep you feeling full. Plus, you can add anything you want depending on what your taste buds are craving that day.

7. Quinoa

It's not just a fad, quinoa really is good for you because it's protein-filled and stuffed with amino acids to help maintain muscle health.

8. Sweet Potatoes

They deserve a spot on your grocery list because they're filled with vitamin A to help you fight cancer and boost your immune system.

9. Lentils

These puppies are a great source of folate, which is vital in allowing cellular division and genetic health. Some foods are fortified with folate (meaning, it is added), but lentils come fully equipped, so stock up!

10. Kidney Beans

These protein-packed bundles are high in antioxidants. Try adding them to your lentils!

11. Garlic

Especially useful during cold and flu season, this antiviral superhero protects your heart, cleans your body, and boosts your immune system.

12. Rutabaga

A root that is chock full of Vitamin C to help you fight off those cold and flu viruses. You can roast them with ginger, or puree them with carrots for a yummy side dish.

13. Dark Chocolate

The darker the better! Dark chocolate is a great as a magnesium supplement for soothing and calming anxieties, and is an antioxidant to boot.

Remember, finding diversity in your foods is key in achieving good health. Now that you are fully equipped with your new shopping list additions, you can make a run for the store and add a little extra zest to your healthy cooking this season!

What are some of your favorite healthy foods?

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