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13 Activewear Brands for the Curvy Yogi

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Are you a curvy yogi looking for some awesome new activewear? Boy oh boy, have we got you covered!

We've compiled a list of some of the best activewear brands for the curvy yogi to fulfill all of your fitness needs. Ready…set…exercise!

1. Torrid

Credit: Torrid Credit: Torrid

Do you like your activewear socially responsible? Then Torrid is your brand.

Torrid has an awesome line of plus-size activewear, so you're sure to find just what you're looking for, along with a great price-point of $20-$60. Plus, their company has a policy of not using forced or child labor, so you can feel good wearing them.

Check out Torrid here!

2. Just Curves

Credit: JustCurves Credit: Just Curves

Just Curves was founded by Yolanda Williams because she was tired of not seeing fun, sexy activewear available for curvy women. Williams' mission is to empower women through fashion to lead happy and healthy lives. So if you're looking for body-positive activewear from sizes 10-26, with tops costing around $25, and pants costing $35, then check out Just Curves.

Find Just Curves right here!

3. Katie K

Credit: KatieK Credit: Katie K

The founder of Katie K, Katie Kozloff, got the idea for her clothing line while working as a personal trainer. Her curvy clients would complain that there wasn't any stylish workout clothing that they could find, so Katie decided to found her own clothing brand, catering to women from sizes two to twenty-four.

With a price-point ranging from $20-$80, you're sure to find something in your budget!

Find out more about Katie K here.

4. Rainbeau Curves

Credit: Rainbeau Credit: Rainbeau

Rainbeau Curves is the perfect activewear brand for you if you love family-owned businesses. Founded in San Francisco over 30 years ago, their clothing is made out of premium performance fabrics, to suit your every exercise need. And priced around $30-$40, they're reasonable, too! How great is that?

Check out Rainbeau Curves right here!

5. Addition Elle

Credit: Addition Elle Credit: Addition Elle

Addition Elle has over 30 years experience in making clothing for curvy women, and want their customers to feel "confident, beautiful, and included in the fashion world." You shouldn't be limited by size when it comes to activewear, so take a look at what they have to offer! With clothing prices ranging from $40-$70, you'll find something great, and stylish, to wear to your next yoga class.

Check out Addition Elle's collection here!

6. Lola Getts

Credit: Lola Getts Credit: Lola Getts

Lola Getts makes clothing exclusively for curvy women. All of their clothing is fitted on a size 16 model, so it's sure to fit you perfectly. Their attention to detail makes the $30-$80 price-point a dream, and you definitely won't compromise when it comes to the right fit.

Find Lola Getts here!

7. Fractal 9

Credit: Fractal 9 Credit: Fractal 9

Do you want your yoga pants a little more customized? Then look no further than Fractal 9. Fractal 9's leggings have amazing patterns, go up to size 5X, and will even customize your size if you need. And the price is great, too, at around $65.

Talk about customer service!

Get Fractal 9 clothing here!

8. JunoActive

Credit: JunoActive Credit: JunoActive

JunoActive doesn't just stop at activewear, but also sells everything from swimwear to intimates. And with their high quality of fabrics, they're sure to last long and stand up to the most strenuous workout. Plus, they've got a pretty great price-point, ranging from $30-$70.

Find Juno Activewear right here!

9. Manifesta

Credit: Manifesta Credit: Manifesta

Manifesta is all about empowering women, and believes that every woman deserves the chance to achieve greatness. Founded by Rachel Blumenfeld, Manifesta's clothing size is based on women of all different sizes, instead of being based on a size small. Find the perfect piece for you, at the perfect price of $30-$80.

Find out more about Manifesta here!

10. Old Navy Active

Credit: Old Navy Credit: Old Navy

Who doesn't love Old Navy? The clothing chain has some pretty awesome activewear to choose from, as well as their fabulous prices, ranging from $20-$40. So take a trip to your closest Old Navy, and find your new favorite yoga gear!

Get Old Navy Active right here!

11. Lane Bryant

Credit: Lane Bryant Credit: Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant, the most recognized name in plus-size clothing, also does activewear! If you trust them for your streetwear, try out their activewear, too.

Check out Lane Bryant's clothing here!

12. Lineage

Credit: Lineage Credit: Lineage

Tired of paying more money for clothing over a certain size? You can forget that with Lineage. Lineage is a body positive clothing company, who realizes that one size doesn't fit all. So if you're looking for a more tailor-made fit, ranging in price from $60-$70, Lineage is your go-to for activewear!

Find Lineage right here!

13. Athleta

Credit: Athleta Credit: Athleta

Last but not least is Athleta. Part of GAP, Athleta is working hard to spread a body positive message for female athletes of all shapes and sizes. And with clothing ranging from $50-$80, outfitting yourself in Athleta won't break the bank.

Check out Athleta here!

What are your favorite activewear brands for curvy yogis? Share them with us in the comments below!

Title Image Credit: Katie K

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