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10 Hilarious Headstand and Handstand Fails

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We’ve all been there. You think you’ve got this, and you’re gonna nail that handstand. But you don’t, and completely wipe out, instead.

These people (and animals) completely understand. The only thing is, is that their head- and handstand fails were caught on film for us to enjoy.

So sit back, relax, and share a laugh with us. And remember not to take yourself so seriously the next time you don’t stick that handstand.


Source: Imgur Source: Imgur


Source: Giphy Source: Giphy


Source: Giphy Source: Giphy


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Source: Imgur Source: Imgur


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Source: Imgur Source: Imgur


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Source: Imgur Source: Imgur


Source: Giphy Source: Giphy

Was there a time you thought you were about to nail a yoga pose and it went awry? Share your funny stories below!

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