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12 Beautiful Beach Yogis to Inspire Your Summer Practice (PHOTOS)

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Long days, big umbrellas, and easy summer living is almost here! And whether you're excited for Mai Tai's on the beach or just some refreshing vitamin D after a long winter, there's one thing that goes perfect with a sunny beach setting: YOGA!

Here are some of our favorite photos from the DOYOU Community which will get your revved up for your summertime practice. Thanks to all the beach yogis for sharing their wonderful photos. If you love them or see one of your own, leave a holler in the comments below!

1. Be inspired by this blue sky and powerful pose by Maria Goddijn!

Woman on beach in Dancer's Pose

2. Li Shun Wu does a little warmup before surfing in Cebu, Philippines. Or was surfing a warmup for this?

Head Stand

3. The beauty of Renu Batra's pose matches the lovely painted sky to which she gazes.

Beach yoga picture

4. Rachel Wooten's Warrior II grounds down into the sand during her beach practice…

Warrior II

5. The beach is a great place to balance. Michael Charles thinks so too!

Head Stand at the beach

6. …while Mara D'Souza shows us her awesome Warrior III.

Warrior III - Mara D'Souza

7. It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's Rauly Marko's awesome Crow Pose!

Pigeon Pose on the beach

8. Emmy Ore gets her summer started with Head Stands on the beach.

Head Stand on the beach

9. If you thought it was hard to balance on a flat yoga mat, just try on these rocks! But it's no problem for Zelia Gaspar!

Half Moon Pose

10. Ted Anthony Tarona is living on the edge with this summer yoga pose.

Man in pose by pool

11. What better place to do a Wild Thing than on the beaches of France! Go Jesa Jesa!

Wild Thing on the beach

12. Noé Torres strikes a beautiful Hand Stand worthy of the amazing landscape.

Hand Stand on the beach

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