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12 Animal Selfies To Tickle Your Funny Bone

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Let's be honest — seeing endless photos of people taking pictures of themselves doing duck faces, pretending to be asleep, etc. gets annoying at one point. But when animals do it…well, it's just plain freakin' adorable! Here are some funny animal selfies to prove it:

1. The "Don't Know How To Use The New Camera" Selfie

"How do button here, aaaand…"

Source: Mandatory

2. The "Timer Set Up" Fail

"Yeah let's get everyone in! Put the camera there so we –*CLICK*– aw dammit!"

lion selfie

Source: Ziranzhi

3. The Seductive, "Lickin' My Lips" Selfie

"Awwyeaaah I'm sexy and you bet your ass I know it!"

4. The "Just Woke Up" Selfie

#NaturalLight #NoFilter

5. The Super Cute Smiling Selfie

What you see in about 90% of selfies taken and posted from all over the world — and this sloth is rocking it!

Source: CollegeHumor

6. The Foodie / #NomNom Selfie

"This leaf is SO good you guys!"


7. The Tough Guy Look Selfie

"Watcha lookin' at? Yeah I'm talkin' to YOU."

8. The Drunken Selfie

"That was a WILD party…man, I'm wasted…"

Source: RealClear

9. The Funny 420 Selfie

Also known as the Drunken Selfie's cousin.

If you asked this dog, "How high are you?" It would bark, "YES."

10.  The Bad Boy Selfie

A cross between #3 and #7, this one's about looking badass to get the girls.

"Look into the camera, a little grrrrowl…NAILED IT."

Source: Pinterest

11. The Girly "Group-fie"

If these horses were humans, pretty sure they'd caption this with "LOVE these girls! <3 #BFFs #Besties"

Source: Mandatory

12. The "Shy But Fly" Selfie

Doggie knows he's fresh and fly, but always plays it cool.

Animals acting like humans will always be funny! Which of these animal selfies did you like the most?

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