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11 Ways To Master Thanksgiving Like A Yogi

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Every family has their own Thanksgiving Day traditions. There’s the parades, the football games, too many kinds of pies to count, and of course, the turkey.

But what happens when you throw a yogi in the mix? You master Thanksgiving like a true warrior, and here’s how:

1. Take advantage of the day off to sleep in? No way!

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Get up with the turkeys to get your stretch on at the crack of dawn. You'll feel way better for it when you're digesting all that food later.

2. Watch the Macy’s Day Parade. But with a twist.

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There's no reason to miss out on a great tradition, but sneak some asanas in there, too!

3. “Time for some football!”

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Or, a yogi hears “the whole family will be distracted for 3 hours so I can do yoga? Perfect!”

4. Can you set the table?

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Sure, but not before you take a picture of me doing today’s pose for my latest Instagram yoga challenge.

5. “Now everyone, go around the table and tell us what you are thankful for!”

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Put down your forks everyone, 'cause you've got this… Your mantra for the day is all about gratitude.

6. "Please pass the organic Tofurkey!"

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As a lover of all animals, a yogi will probably pass on the turkey and offer everyone a slice of beautiful faux bird. But if not… where's that turkey?

7. You're the only one who digests their food upside down.

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Yes, in a headstand.

8. Playing post-feast board games is the best!

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Just a warning… you'll beat your whole family with the awesome yoga-jargon you throw down on the Scrabble board.

9. Even if you didn't eat the turkey, tryptophan will still rub off on you.

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Nap time, everyone!

10. After your nap you'll be the first to offer to help clean up.

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But secretly be wishing this guy would help you out.

11. Wondering how you do it all on Thanksgiving?

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Flexibility is the definition of a yogi, of course!

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