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11 Deliciously Healthy Halloween Treats

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Halloween can be a seriously scary challenge for those of us that try to steer away from most things sugary, candied (and basically, traditional) this time of year. Thank goodness for the recent trend toward healthy eating, there are now far more options for healthy halloween treats!

Here are a few trick-or-treat yummies you could have in your kitchen this season that you could easily whip up.

For the Cheese Lovers

1. Jack o'Lantern Sando

Take 2 pieces of whole grain sliced bread and use a cookie cutter to make them into circles. Next, carve a jack o'lantern's face into one slice. Make a grilled cheese sandwich out of it!

2. Cheesy Broomsticks

Cut a string cheese into thirds. Use scissors to cut a fringe pattern on the lower half of all the pieces. Insert a pretzel stick into the uncut end of the cheese and tie the two together with a celery string.

Go Nuts!

3. Nutty Mouths

Cut red apples into quarters lengthwise and then cut out a pyramid of the meat (lengthwise, again) into the skin side. Insert almonds along the edge of the pyramid cut for the teeth. (Spritz with lemon juice to prevent apple discoloration due to oxidization.) Add a slice of strawberry for the tongue.

4. Pumpkin Seeds

Completely delicious sprinkled with Himalayan Salt or drizzled with pure dark chocolate, these tasty morsels are super high in magnesium making them great to keep your digestive tract moving and for soothing tight muscles and anxiety.

Fruity Stuff

5. Almost Candied Apples

Put a round popsicle stick in a small apple then dunk it in melted dark chocolate. Allow to cool on wax paper in the fridge. (P.S. You can do this with pretty much any fruit!)

6. Take A Chance Trail Mix

Fill a small to-go container with a blend of nuts, raisins, popcorn, blueberries and dark chocolate chips.

7. Fruity Ghosts

Take a peeled banana and cut in half (makes 2 ghosts). Press 2 mini chocolate chips in toward the pointed end with the base side out for the eyes, and a large one for an “O”-shaped mouth. Spooky!

8. Pseudo Sweet Squash

Try to peel a clementine without breaking apart the segments. Stick part of a celery stick in the center, and voila! It’s a pumpkin!

9. Spider Eggs

Fill a clear to-go cup with green grapes and plastic black spiders. Label the cup “Spider Eggs” and top with some fake cobwebs.

10. Caterpillars and Worms

Use the rest of your green grapes by threading them on a long skewer with a little icing to keep mini chocolate chip eyes on.

If you have time on your hands…

11. Pumpkin Goodness

Now if you have a bit more time and energy, try whipping up some of these Paleo, gluten-free, vegan “No Bake, Pumpkin Spice Latte Bites.” They are so friggin’ good! The Big Man's World shares the scrumptious recipe which you can check out right here.

Hopefully this inspires you to whip up some tantalizingly tasty, healthy halloween treats!

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