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11 Genius Places to Strike a Yoga Pose

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If you think your asanas have to be confined to the yoga studio or your home practice, then think again! You can practice yoga in everything you do simply by connecting with yourself, your body, and your breath no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

Whether you’re traveling in a far off destination or simply hanging out with your loved ones at home, you can take your yoga with you to make it a part of your crazy, unique life. Yoga isn’t all about the asana, but the poses are half the fun. In the spirit of bringing yoga into all aspects of your life, here are 12 fun places to strike a yoga pose.

1. On the rim of the Grand Canyon.

Just don’t lose your balance too close to the edge!

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2. At the center of a flash mob.

There’s no better place to do yoga than in the middle of Times Square, surrounded by 1,000 of your closest friends.

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3. In your back yard.

You can even practice Tree Pose with your favorite tree.

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4. In front of the Great Sphinx.

It’s always nice when you can match your asana to your surroundings.

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5. Underwater!

Otherwise known as “mermaid yoga.”

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6. Beneath your kids.

Who needs weights when you can lift two 50-pound bundles of joy?

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7. In front of the Eiffel Tower.

Bonus points if you can blend in with the tower.

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8. On a boat!

Everything is cooler when you do it on a boat.

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9. On top of a camel.

This one requires a very cooperative camel.

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10. In a library (quietly!)

Pick up a book about yoga while you’re there!

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11. On top of your partner.

This is perhaps THE most fun place to strike a yoga pose. Let your partner support you—literally!

 Credit: Elephant Journal

What weird and wonderful places do you like to practice yoga? Share your photos in the comment section!

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