11 Adorable Animals Doing Yoga

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Animal yoga pretty much is a thing now on the web. So it's time someone creates a compilation of all those cute four-legged friends showing off their yoga skills. Cheesy and oh-so-adorable, don't you think? Check out our collection right here.

1. Go Reeeeaal Deep

Dog TV Yoga


Source: Indya101.com

2. I Love My Beach Yoga In The Morning

Dog Beach Yoga

Source: weknowmemes.com

3. Can't Wait To Feel Those Abs Burning Tomorrow

Dog Yoga Boat Pose

Source: attackofthecute.com

4. Catstand

Cat Yoga Headstand


Source: weknowmemes.com

5. Doggy Style Sun Salutations

Dog Yoga Mat


Source: weknowmemes.com

6. Leg Behind The Head? Done!

Cat Yoga mat


Source: pinterest.com

7. Yoga Bear

Bear Yoga Boat Pose


Source: thefrisky.com

8. Morning Meditation

Dog Yoga Lotus Pose

Source: funnyjunksite.com


9. Downward Tiger

Downward Tiger

Source: bitsizewellnes.com

10. Polar Bear Plow Pose

Polar Bear Plow Pose


Source: bitsizewellnes.com

11. Happy Baby Pose-Poppin' Lion

Lian Happy Baby Pose


Source: yogarantsandraves.com

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