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10 Things About Male Yogis That Make Them Extra Attractive

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One of the perks of being part of a yoga community is being around the delightful wonder that is the male yogi. Despite what some of you may notice or observe in some yoga classes you go to, there ARE more and more men who are learning the many benefits of a yoga practice.

Here are 10 things that we absolutely love about our Y chromosome-having yoga mates.

1. They’re open-minded.

Credit: Huffington Post/Getty Credit: Huffington Post/Getty

Male yogis don’t believe the stereotype that yoga is exclusively for women, and this alone puts them light years ahead of the stereotypical frat boys and overtly macho men who do. Yoga is good for you regardless of your sex, and these guys are living proof of that.

2. They’re as bendy as they are strong.

Credit: Cronyogitect Credit: Cronyogitect

Yoga-doing dudes are usually more flexible than the average man, and the combination of stronger, more defined muscles and open joints always scores extra points in our book.

3. They're not your typical “bros.”

Credit: Credit:

Male yoga practitioners are less likely to be "all about money, women, and cars,"obnoxious, or insensitive because they tend to care as much about their inner life, balancing their spirit and ego, and spreading good karma as they do about other guy stuff.

4. You can discuss chakras with them without feeling like a New Age freak.

Credit: YogaDudes@Tumblr Credit: YogaDudes@Tumblr

Male yogis who are committed to the philosophies, metaphysics, and applications of yoga are some of the greatest people you can talk to about this kind of stuff. And they don’t bail when you start talking about your feelings. Total win.

5. They aren’t mouth-breathers.

Credit: Inspiyr Credit: Inspiyr

Between all the pranayama, ujjayi, and kapalbati breathing in yoga, male yogis are experts at deep breathing, and quite literally do not breathe through their mouths. Probably superficial, but hey, it's still a plus point for some men and women.

6. They’re extremely chill.

Credit: BodyLoveWellness Credit: BodyLoveWellness

While non-yoga practicing men can be high-strung and visibly rattled during tense moments, male yogis are the epitome of cool and tend to be able to think clearly and act calmly, even in the most adverse situations.

7. They’re helpful and generous.

Credit: YogaMontreal Credit: YogaMontreal

Whether they are a fellow student or a teacher, male yogis tend to be mighty gracious and helpful when you’re looking for adjustments, posture pointers, or someone to spot you as you work on your pincha mayurasana.

8. They understand it's about health, and not being “on a diet.”

10 Things About Male Yogis 8

Men who do yoga regularly are most probably into health and wellness themselves—they won’t smirk when they see you downing your kale smoothie; in fact, they’ll probably ask you to share with them (just ask RDJ *wink*).

9. They offer focused energy in class.

10 Things About Male Yogis 9 Credit: UrbanTribalista

Because most men are naturally inclined to be intense and competitive, they give off an infectious aura that not only draws you in but also influences your practice positively during yoga class.

10. They look good.

10 things about male yogis 10 Credit: Yogadudes@Tumblr

Not to point out the obvious, but the inversions, core work, stretches, and arm balances in yoga do the male body plenty of good. So not only do they tend to have toned muscles and healthy bodies (always a good thing!), they are also ridiculously easy on the eyes.

Of course this is not to say that ALL men who practice yoga will automatically exhibit ALL these qualities, and we're sure you have your own thoughts on what makes male yogis so great! Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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