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10 Signs It’s Time To Change Your Yoga Routine

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Remember the first time, when you were in love with your yoga routine so completely you’d do anything not to skip practice? What happened? Now it’s more of a chore than inspiration. Yoga is evolution – what works one week may not suit your body and mind the next.

Here are 10 clues you need to change your yoga routine, class, teacher, or style:

1. You Start Thinking About Your Tax Return Mid-Class

You Start Thinking About Your Tax Return Mid-Class Credit: Chathamdailynews

 2. You’re Doing More Sleeping Than Shavasana

Credit: Yogawithchris

 3. Yoga is Beginning to Feel Like a Chore

Credit: Pinterest Credit: Pinterest

4. You Can’t Wait Until End Of Class To Check Your Facebook

Credit: Bainwavelove

5. Anti-Gravity Yoga Anyone? Maybe It’s Time To Go Back To The Basics

Credit: Funzug

6. You Feel More Exhausted After Practice Than You Did Before

Credit: Ayoyoga

 7. And When Someone Asks You What You Love About Yoga, You Can’t Think Of Anything To Answer (Hmmmm…The Studio Is Next To A Great Coffee Shop?)

Credit: Sfgate

 8. You’re More Interested In Collecting One Mat In Every Color Than You Are In The Actual Class

Credit: Zenithyogavietnam

 9. You Can’t Remember The Last Time You Felt Challenged Or Inspired

Credit: Followpics

 10. You Haven’t Created A Special Place For Yoga In Your Life

Credit: Complex

Sometimes it just takes a slight shift to renew your love for yoga. But remember that boredom, distraction and irritation are important parts of the yoga process. Acknowledging and accepting your blocks allows you to move past the superficial and go deeper into your yoga practice.


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