10-Minute Yoga Practice for Hamstrings and Inner Thighs (VIDEO)


No matter how long you’ve been practicing yoga, you’ll always wake up with your hamstrings feeling a little bit stiff. So if you feel some tightness in your first few Down Dogs of the day, don’t worry—you’re not alone!

To help you out, here’s an awesome 10-minute yoga practice for hamstrings and inner thighs that’ll warm those leg muscles right up and stretch and lengthen them so your body feels better and your lower body a little bit more flexible. This sequence by DoYou Allstar Jess Rose is perfect not just for morning practice, but also for those days when your legs could use some TLC after a tiring day.

Hit play above and practice with Jess to loosen up your hamstrings and inner thighs, and try more fab sequences and practices with Jess in her 30 Days of Yoga Challenge here on DoYou. Enjoy!

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