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10 Minute Morning Detox Yoga Flow to Transform Your Day

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Having a funky week? Or feeling agitated and like you need to get something out!? Try detoxing your emotional body with this brief flow designed to help you start the day fresh! It’ll get you energized and ready to let go of that funk!


Start your practice seated in a soft version of Bound Angle (AKA Butterfly Pose) lifting your chest and rising tall into the sky above you. Consider how you want your day to feel and start manifesting it right off the bat. Spend 10 breaths here growing your spine taller and taller before folding forward for a few softer breaths.

Fallen Triangle

From Down Dog, thread your right leg over to the left rib cage. Straighten both legs and put both heels on the ground for stability. Now lift your left arm and right hip up to the sky and inhale deeply. Use your exhale to bring your leg back to a 3 Legged Dog with a bent knee.

Repeating Fallen Triangle into Stacked Down Dog (or even Flipped Dog) is a great way to stir the pot and get the blood moving. This twisty  movement raises your heart rate and uses the muscles of the core, shoulders and upper back all at once. Plus it flips you around a few times so you can change your perspective and general outlook on the day ahead.

Dancing Warriors

Find Warrior Two Pose and make sure you can see your front big toe ahead of your bent knee. Now lean back into Reverse Warrior (AKA Peaceful Warrior). Then reach into Side Angle Pose. Pause in each shape for 1-2 breaths and then repeat.

This little segment is great for opening your ribs and creating a stable grounded base in your legs and core. When you know your foundation is sturdy your day becomes a lot more satisfying!

Dragons Breath

Step into a lunge and put your back knee on the ground. Lifting your arms up over head in the empowering, Kali Mudra (hands interlaced and squeezing together with pointer fingers pointing upward). Take 5 massive breaths in and out as you press your ribs forward and up into the arch of the shape.

The inhale fills you up with what is important to you, the exhale blows away all obstacles in your path- so make those breaths strong and loud!!

This cleansing breath work will leave you ready to bow forward in to a half or full split (Monkey Pose). Stay here for 5-8 breaths softening to see what is left behind.


Open your chest with either a traditional Fish Pose with your forearms tucked underneath you, hands holding your low back and chest peeling open to the elements, or by laying your body face up over a block placed between your shoulder blades.

Either way opening your heart to the day and allowing any built up emotions to cascade away so you can start with a fresh heart.


Lay on your back for Bridge Pose. After 5 breaths in the hold you could find Full Wheel Pose for another few breaths. Then place a block under your low back and straighten out your legs reaching your arms over your head to offer yourself some deep, nourishing support for the day ahead of you.

Use this long hold to breath from your toes up to your fingertips and consider 3 things you would like to do for yourself today.

Reclined Twist

End your practice with a delicious twist to detox the organs after all the movement , opening and breath. Then slip sweetly into Savasana for at least 10 breaths.

Everyday is an opportunity to drop the funk that is sticking to you and start again. Just as we cleanse the outside of our bodies in the shower we can cleanse the inside with a little movement and some deep clearing breathwork.

What is your favorite position or movement to help cleanse your body?

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