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10 Meditation Blogs You Should Follow

Meditation | Meditation for Beginners

It seems like we can’t go anywhere on the Internet these days without running into a story about the benefits of meditation. And it’s 100% true—studies show that meditation can decrease stress, increase focus, and even provide relief for suffers of chronic pain and illness. But the fact remains that meditation isn’t easy, especially for those of us who struggle to turn off the mental chatter and the buzz of thoughts of work, bills, family, and all the other stresses of modern day life.

That buzzing is exactly why we need meditation now more than ever. With our busy lives and the often welcome (yet unfulfilling) distractions technology provides, it’s important to make time to simply sit with your thoughts. If you’re new to meditation and you don’t know where to start, this free 30 Day Yoga Challenge will ease you in slowly. Plus, you’ll get into a steady daily routine!

These 10 meditation blogs will inspire you to break out your cushion and make meditation part of your daily routine. You just might find that meditation is exactly what was missing from your yoga practice!

AboutMeditation-logo1. About Meditation Blog

If you’re brand new to meditation, this is a great place to start. This blog addresses the struggles newbies face and provides tips and tricks to make it easier to keep practicing meditation, even when it’s hard. This whole website is a great resource for meditators. You can even download a mini course on how to get started meditating, and the best part is, it’s totally free!


Meditation2.’s mission is to create connections between teachers, students, and writers in the meditation community. Whether you’re new to the practice of meditation or looking for resources to deepen your practice, this site has something for you. Check out their recurring “What We’re Reading” feature for excellent, spiritually focused book recommendations!


Wildmind logo3. WildMind Blog

As Wildmind’s founder writes on this blog, meditation is as much about simply noticing how chaotic the mind can be as it is about cultivating mental stillness—which is where the name “WildMind” comes from. Their guided meditations and essays from meditation experts will help you get in touch your own wild mind.


The Wheel Blog4. The Wheel Blog by Shambhala Publications

As one of the biggest publishers of Buddhist literature, you would expect the Shambhala blog to have great content—and they do not disappoint. In addition to their poignant Daily Wisdom posts, they also frequently post essays from big name author who publish with Shambhala, including my personal favorite Buddhist writer, Pema Chodron.


Mindful5. Blog is the online branch of Mindful Magazine, and their website is brimming with fantastic articles about how to bring the benefits of mindfulness to everyday life. They host several blogs on their website, and their bloggers write about everything from mental health issues, to leadership, to education, all through the lens of mindfulness meditation.


Tiny buddha6. Tiny Buddha 

Tiny Buddha is all about applying simple wisdom to our complicated modern lives. They publish posts from staff bloggers and guest writers alike, so the voices represented on this blog are uniquely diverse, and comments and conversations are always encouraged! Don’t forget to look for the reading Buddha symbol at the end of each post, which is meant to remind readers to use technology mindfully.


Transcendental Meditation7. Transcendental Meditation Blog

Transcendental Meditation was made famous by none other than Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, one-time spiritual advisor to The Beatles. Today, TM.Org promotes the practical benefits of this form of meditation, including lowering stress and anxiety. Their blog is less serious and technical than you would think. They often feature fun (and exclusive) interviews with celebrities about their meditation practice.


Art of Dharma8. Art of Dharma

This visually stunning blog is all about inspiration; you might even think of it as the Pinterest of meditation. Art of Dharma encourages its viewers to get involved and spread their message of mindfulness, selflessness, and authentic happiness throughout the Internet. Their inspirational photos, videos, and photo-filled articles will motivate you to live your best life.


Photo Credit: Leo Babauta

9. Zen Habits

In keeping with its Zen affiliations, author Leo Babauta keeps it simple and gets right to the essential nature of his blog. The writing is straightforward and conversational, and the clean white background is a welcome break from the techno-clutter we’re all used to. With so many overly flashy blogs out there, it’s easy to see how this one is different—and why it’s gained over a million readers.


Wisdom Blog10. The Wisdom Blog

Wisdom Publications is another big publisher of Buddhist authors, including His Holiness the Dalai Lama himself. Their blog is broader in scope than the others we’ve mentioned, covering a wide range of topics about Buddhism in general, but their content is so well-written and thoughtful that it’s always worth a read. Plus, their weekly Meditations Illustrated feature is a fun way to get a new perspective on common meditation principles.


Do you have a favorite meditation blog or website? How about a favorite guided meditation? Let us know what inspires you to keep meditating below!

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