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10 Instagram Accounts Every Wanderlust Yogi Will Love

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Wanderlust: it seems to occur more often among yogis than just about anyone else. Perhaps it’s our appreciation of the present moment, or the spirit of adventure that develops when you push yourself to master new poses. Whatever the reason, many of us yogis are true wanderlusters at heart, as the many traveling yogis on Instagram prove!

If you find your mind wandering to far-off destinations when you close your eyes for Savasana, then you will love these Instagram feeds. But fair warning: you might find yourself obsessively searching for airfares after looking at these photos!

1. Rachel Brathen @yoga_girl

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Rachel might just be Instagram’s original wanderlust yogi. She has over two million followers, and if you love yoga and travel, you’d be crazy not to be one of them! Her always-amazing feed features photos from her studio in Aruba and retreats around the world, as well as plenty of pics of her baby daughter, Lea Luna.

2. Lindsey Calla @Lindseycalla

From Colorado forests to the jungles of Belize, Lindsey looks glamorous no matter where she goes. If you’re into beauty tips as well as amazing travel and yoga photos, this is the account for you. Check out her easy rope braid tutorial for the perfect wanderlust yogi look.

3. Brett Moran @brettmorantv

Turn your face towards the light and the darkness within will fade away @brettmorantv #travelphotography ????@a.matis

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No yogi on Instagram seems to have more fun than Brett Moran. His smile is totally contagious. As a life coach, he radiates positivity in every one of his posts, and as a bonus, he often posts pics of his adorable dog, who sometimes even joins him on the mat!

4. Alla Gonopolsky @travel.yogi

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Alla is a travel writer and self-described “binge traveler” in addition to being a yogi. Her photos are spectacular, especially the pics of her recent trip to India. Follow her if you want to see some amazing portraits and gorgeously framed nature shots from all over the world.

5. Honza and Claudine Lafond @yogabeyond

If there was an award for yogi power couple, Honza and Claudine would surely win it. Based in Sydney, Australia, they host yoga teacher training sessions all over the world, most recently in beautiful Bali. Their AcroVinyasa shots are incredible—especially the ones featuring their daughter (and AcroYogi in training), Sofie.

6. Amy Rollo @amyrollo

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Had your fill of beach yoga photos? Follow Amy Rollo, whose amazing mountain and landscape shots will have you reaching for your winter coat and hiking boots. As a yogi, snowboarder, climber, and traveler, her photos are some of the most diverse and wanderlust-worthy on Instagram.

7. Christian & Chloe @yogahealingnature

Christian and Chloe met in India in 2013, and since then they’ve traveled the globe providing Elemental Yoga Therapy at their incredible retreats. EYT uses the five elements of Chinese medicine to address imbalances—which you might need, because you'll have way too much wanderlust after looking at their feed…

8. Caitlin Turner, @GypsetGoddess

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Caitlin is one of Instagram’s most widely followed yogi travelers, and for good reason. Even a quick look at her page will have you Googling airfares to try to follow in her footsteps. Her penchant for sunset shots and impressive yoga skills will make you incredibly jealous (in the best way, of course).

9. Lauren Rudick @laurenrudick

Lauren’s yoga skills are pretty spectacular, especially her impressive repertoire of arm balances. Want to learn to take photos like Lauren's? You’re in luck. She offers a free video course on how to improve your yoga photos on her website.

10. Yogascapes @yogascapes

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Yogascapes offers retreats in far-off locations where you can truly commune with nature. If you can’t join them at one of their retreats, following their Instagram is the next best thing. Their photos almost make you feel like you’re there.

Who are your favorite wanderlust yogis to follow on Instagram? Don't forget to follow us @DOYOU for more amazing yoga pics!

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