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10 Fresh European Yoga Festivals Not to Miss This Summer

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The European yoga scene is moving into a quintessential spring—studios popping up like dandelion heads in every major city, teacher trainings jam-packed with young buds aching to blossom.

And with this rapid growth, yoga festivals and conferences are cropping up throughout the year in hip cities and picturesque vacation destinations everywhere from Gothenburg to Barcelona.

A yoga festival is a wonderful way to explore diverse forms of yoga, learn from some of the best local and international teachers, and connect with like-minded yogis.

Even the most established European yoga events—like the Yoga Conference Germany, going into its 12th year this May—are still tiny in comparison to mass gatherings like Wanderlust. The experience, therefore, is more intimate, personal and local.

Here are 10 hot summer European yoga festivals and events guaranteed to raise your vibration. Each offers a uniquely fresh flavour, combining international and European talent, diverse movement arts, musical acts, talks, and spaces to gather and play.

1. The Groove Yoga Festival: Island Jam


Where: Hvar, Croatia

Festival vibes meet island chill, featuring a mega line up of internationally loved teachers and musicians, including Dylan Werner, Doug Swenson, Twee Merrigan, DJ Drez & Daphne Tse. Europe’s sunniest island, Hvar is a hotspot known for its stunning scenery and laid-back atmosphere. Salute the rising sun with classes held on the hotel terrace. Dip your yogi toes in the clear aquamarine waters of the Adriatic Sea. Let loose with afternoon DJ sets and groovin’ sundowner concerts. Get on it quick – early bird prices end June 15.

When: September 8-11, 2016

Cost: €79-399 EUR (approx. $89-448 USD)


2. Udaya Live

Udaya live

Where: Borovets, Bulgaria

Roll out your matt off the beaten path at Udaya’s first 5-day retreat-style Yoga & Music Festival. Set in the Rila Mountains amidst the highest peaks of the Balkans, this region is known as the Root Chakra of the world. The scenery promises to be spiritually uplifting, as do workshops and musical acts from over 40 inspirational teachers and musicians, including Sienna Shermann, Daniel Scott, Dave Stringer and DJ Drez.

When: August 18-22, 2016.

Cost: day passes $250-700 USD, retreat passes $950-1400 USD


3. Move Copenhagen

Move Copenhagen Credit: Melanie Hoeld Photography

Where: Copenhagen, Denmark.

Explore motion. Alongside yoga and acroyoga workshops, Move Copenhagen offers a diversity of ways to discover and celebrate the moving body: climbing, slackline, parkour, dance and more.

This outside-the-box festival is run on a volunteer basis, drawing teachers and participants from around the world. New this year is a Move Family segment dedicated to inspiring movement as a natural part of family dynamics.

When: July 14-17, 2016.

Cost: 955 DKK (approx. $144 USD)


4. Yoga Festival Kitzbühel

Where: Kitzbühel, Austria

The hills are alive with the sound of om. Nestled against the breathtaking backdrop of the Austrian alps and a pristine golf course, this festival takes place in one of Europe’s chicest holiday towns.

Featuring Simon Park and German favourites such as Nicole Bongartz, Roland Jensch, and Alexey Gaevskij, an opening concert with Darren Austin Hall, and an all-white pool party Saturday night. Last year’s festival wristbands were gem-studded wraps donated by Swarovksi. Despite all the glam and glitz, festival ticket prices are on par. Early bird prices end June 30.

When: September 2-4, 2016.

Cost: 100-230 EUR (approx. $112-258 USD)


5. The Swiss Yoga Conference

Swiss Yoga Conference

Where: Zürich, Switzerland

Under the motto Move smarter. Breathe Deeper. Live more., the first Swiss Yoga Conference takes a modern spin on yoga. Featuring business management guru Ava Taylor, instagram star Koya Webb, as well as local favourites Young-Ho Kim and Barbara Noh. The program is a mix of 90-minute master classes and 3-hour workshops. While it might lack the wild flair of a festival, it’s certainly a place to intensively explore your yoga practice.

When: June 3-5, 2016.

Cost: 80-320 CH (approx. $81-323 USD)


6. Barcelona Yoga Conference

Barcelona Yoga Conference

Where: Barcelona, Spain

Uplifting and openhearted. Set on a sprawling campus at the edge of Spain’s hippest metropolis, the Barcelona Yoga Conference is one of the largest European yoga events. On the menu this year: Meghan Currie, David Williams, Simon Park, AcroYoga, Kirtan, a Saturday concert with Jai Uttal, swarms of long-haired hippies, and a delicious vegetarian food market. 108 partial and full scholarships are available for participants unable to meet the festival costs.

When: July 21-25, 2016

Cost 115-400 EUR (approx. $128-446 USD)


7. Bhakti Yoga Summer

Credit: BhaktiYogaSummer / Credit: BhaktiYogaSummer /

Where: Kisslegg, Germany

Sing it loud. This long-standing festival is well loved among German-speaking kirtan fans. The program includes yoga classes with David Lurey, Miraim Wagner and Christine May, plus an abundance of kirtan musicians, most notably Prem Joshua. Set on the shores of the beautiful Chiemsee Lake, the festival brings a bit of bohemian flair to charming small-town Germany.

When: June 9-12, 2016.

Cost 99-198 EUR (approx. $111-221 USD)


8. YogaFest Amsterdam

YogaFest Amsterdam

Where: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Body, mind and soul. Featuring Laruga Glaser, Gloria Latham and a slew of local teachers. Alongside yoga and SUP yoga, this festival delves into deeper wisdom with talks, film screenings, and Noble Silence sessions. The location is the cool Westergasfabirek, a repurposed industrial complex that’s been beautifully renovated as a theatre and event space. Unlike most festivals, it’s possible to book single sessions at this event at the sweet price of 19,50€ per class/talk.

When: June 18-19, 2016.

Cost: 19.50-145 EUR (aprox. $22-162 USD)


9. 3HO Europe

3HO Europe

St. Pierre de Maillé, France

White tantra. This massive festival draws 2000 participants from Europe and beyond for 8 days of Kundalini and other activities inspired by the teachings of Yogi Bhajan. Programs include kundalini yoga, children's yoga, meditation, yogic philosophy, vegetarian cooking and diet, as well as healing, martial arts and dance in the yogic tradition. The festival is open to both experienced and new yogis, but be ready for a hardcore kundalini experience: the three ‘H’s in 3HO stand for Happy, Healthy, and Holy.

When: July 30-August 7, 2016

Cost: Price varies by country. For a single US adult ticket: 395 EUR (approx. $440 USD)


10. Sound and Silence Festival

Sound and Silence Festival

Where: Corfu, Greece

Healing bliss. Sound and silence is an intimate and mindful musical gathering that brings together yoga, ecstatic dance and sound. What to expect: an eclectic crowd, Zen, Tantra, Sufism, sound healing, astrology, ancient olive groves, mouthwatering local cuisine, and the stunning clear blue waters of the Adriatic.

When: July 8-13, 2016

Cost: 325-265 EUR (approx. $362-407 USD)


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