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10 Awesome GIFs for Calm Breathing

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Alright here’s the thing, meditation is hard. Making time to drop everything and just breathe can seem almost impossible. And once you do sit down, finding any sort of mental quiet is just as unattainable.

As someone who still struggles to keep a regular meditation practice going or to actually achieve a level of quiet concentration, one thing that works for me is having a focal point. I’ve found that having something to look at, whether it be a flame or a mandala helps me to focus my attention, quiet the constant chatter in my mind, and just breathe. When I first started meditating, I signed up to the free 30 Day Meditation Challenge. It helped me stick to a routine and sink into the practice. I suggest you give it a go too!

The gifs for calm breathing that have recently started circulating the internet are a game changer. The entrancing movements are and incredible way to draw in your attention. They also help you to remember and deepen your breath by synching it with the movements.

Check out these 10 amazing GIFs that help you find a focal point and/or guide your breath to keep you calm and relaxed.



breathing gif 2




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Find a GIF that calls to you and get that deep breathing going! See if you can sit for just a couple of minutes with your breath, and try for a bit more time each day. Happy breathing!

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