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10 Amazing Pearls Of Yoga Wisdom

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Whether you are fresh to the mat, a seasoned practitioner or teacher, these 10 pearls of yoga wisdom can be useful reminders of how you can get the most out of your practice.

  1. 99% of yoga is done on the mat. You can read and think about it as much as you like, but the benefits really do come from practicing.
  2. Some days you will be more flexible than others. Accept and embrace them all and enjoy your practice, however stretchy or taut you might be.
  3. Yoga is the perfect opportunity to develop your awareness. You may be surprised at how much you are actually listening to your thoughts during a class. Practice tuning in to your teachers voice and over time you will develop the ability to ignore the chatter in your mind (both on and off the mat!).
  4. Yoga is an individual and personal practice with no benchmark for success or failure.
  5. Find the ease within every posture, no matter how easy or challenging you find them. Breathe, smile and feel the hard edges begin to soften.
  6. Notice any feelings of resistance that may come up during postures, pranayama or meditation. These can signify key break through areas that yoga can help you push through.
  7. If you are uncomfortable, ask yourself if the discomfort is physical, emotional or mental? There is a big difference and if the sensation is on a mental or emotional level, push through it. Magic will happen when you do!
  8. If you are unable to practice due to injury or illness, you can still reap a lot of the benefits through visualisation. Sit or lie down at the back of class and imagine doing what the teacher is instructing. It’s incredible how well this works!
  9. Don’t compare yourself to others in a class. If you notice your gaze drifting to the bendy people in the front row, use your willpower to bring it back to your mat, your body and your breath.
  10. The yoga community is filled with loving, compassionate, supportive people who are driven to make a difference. If you want to ask your yoga teacher or a fellow practitioner a question, then ask them. I guarantee they will be very happy you did.

Wishing you many joyful, peaceful, transformative yoga moments!

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