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7 Days of Positivity with a Yogic Twist

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We are all familiar with the ‘Challenges’ trend on our social media sites: ALS Ice Bucket Challenge anyone?

Not too long ago, there was a Positivity Challenge where one had to list three positive things in their lives each day for a week. I loved this idea as one had to reroute their brain to think of the positives in their life and nominate more to do the same – a Positive Revolution!

For this article, I thought of taking this a step further by creating a readymade Yoga Positivity Challenge. Each day would involve a chakra meditation, an asana related to this chakra, and an act of karma yoga!

Positivity Challenge 101

What Are Chakras?

Before modern science, the ancient yogi’s understood our physical, energy, and mental bodies through the seven chakras.

These energy wheels are located along the center of our subtle bodies. The basic idea is that when all our chakras are in balance instead of over or under-active, we are in overall great health. Hence, meditating on a chakra and its associated positive affirmations helps us achieve this.

How Do I Meditate?

Actually, there is no right way! All you need is a clean space and some uninterrupted time. It is so beneficial to just start and be open to discovering your own style along the journey.

What Is Karma Yoga?

One can simply understand it as doing good and expecting nothing in return. To quote our famous Mahatma: “Be the change you wish to see.” Now, on to the challenge!

7 Days to Positivity

Day 1: Positivity is your dynamic presence: Become part of the solution

  • Root: It all begins with how safe and secure you feel in this material world. Meditate on the following affimations: “I love my body, I am in perfect health, I am grounded, I belong."
  • Pose: All standing poses are beneficial, especially barefoot, to feel grounded. Visualize the color of this chakra: red. In Mountain Pose, visualize this color and repeat the affirmations.
  • Do Good: Red is also the color of our blood. Have you donated blood recently?

Day 2: Positivity is sharing your unique creativity. Tap into it

  • Sacral: Does your inner creativity and passion have an outlet? Meditate on these affirmations: “I am creative, I live life with passion, my senses are alive.”

  • Pose: All hip-openers are great for this chakra. One of my favorites is supported Butterfly Pose. Visualize the color orange and repeat the affirmations.
Do Good: What hidden creative talents do you have that you could lend to a good cause? Find out through online volunteering.

Day 3: Positivity is inspired action and bravery. Meet yourself.

  • Solar Plexus: Life’s not always easy. We all have our stuff to work through, but we have a choice: to balance our emotions and choose freedom. This chakra is about self worth. “I can, I will, I do, I am enough.”

  • Pose: One pose that can test your willpower is the Plank! Visualize the colour yellow & repeat the affirmations.
  • Do Good: Send the world some collective, positive energy through meditation. There are many centers that provide daily guided meditations guaranteed to shift something in your life.

Day 4: Positivity as a way of life. Have faith in the human spirit

  • Heart: This is the center of unconditional love! “My heart is open, I am compassionate, I am eternally loved.”

  • Pose: Bridge Pose is a fantastic heart opener. Visualize the color green & repeat the affirmations.
Do Good: Pets are the greatest example of unconditional love. How about giving back to these fur balls?

Day 5: Positivity is living the Life of your design. Express it.

  • Throat: We align with ourselves from within and then project to the outside world. Expression can be so powerful and inspiring. “I listen and speak thoughtfully from my heart, I speak up for myself, I speak the truth.”

  • Pose: Neck rotations to release pressure on the throat and jaw with deep breathing is great for this chakra. Visualize the color blue and repeat the affirmations.
  • Do Good: Is there a cause or NGO you are compassionate towards? Most of my friends will know my causes well as my gifts take this form. Use your unique voice to spread the love.

Day 6: Positivity is clarity. Let your intuition and inner wisdom flow

  • Third Eye: We can gain a lot by 'unlearning' certain beliefs that no longer serve us. “I trust my intuition, I release all attachments to seeing it my way, I see the highest truth.”

  • Pose: Eye exercises and closing our eyes to connect with ourselves are great for this chakra. Visualize the color indigo and repeat affirmations.

  • Do Good: The world needs more positive, willing educators for our children! Ask yourself how you can contribute your knowledge towards building a better future? This is how I started and my journey led me here, something I am thankful for everyday!

Day 7: Positivity is divine connection. Find the method that works for you

  • Crown: There are times when a situation moves beyond our control and trusting higher forces becomes vital. “My life is divine and going in the best direction, I trust the highest knowledge will flow to me at the required time, I release limiting thoughts and awaken my higher levels of consciousness.”

  • Pose: Meditation and pranayama; Brahmree breath is fantastic this this chakra. The associated color is white.
  • Do Good: Do a favor for someone you do not know.

“Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases be being shared” ~The Buddha

Try implementing these steps in your next week and begin to make the world a brighter place. Shine on!

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