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Yoga Leggings Made From Recycled Water Bottles Are Making a Splash

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The increasing popularity of sustainable products means that yoga practitioners and leggings enthusiasts alike have a growing number of options to choose from when trying to be responsible consumers.

One of the trendiest items to come out of this sustainability boom is leggings made from recycled water bottles. While a few years ago it might have seemed almost impossible to find such a garment, now they’re practically everywhere.

Clothing that Cares

San Diego-based Yoga Democracy just launched a line of yoga wear that uses recycled fibers from water bottles, discarded carpets, and fishing nets (all great sources of polyester and nylon).

Meanwhile, California yoga clothing manufacturer Teeki offers an even wider variety of recycled options, such as leggings, bell bottoms, and tops made from recycled PET with a little Spandex thrown in.

Teeki picks up plastic containers from community recycling centers, sorts them, washes them, crushes them into flakes, and melts it all down to produce fiber to make fabric in plenty of prints and colors.

Eco-Friendly Processes

Yoga Democracy dyes all of its fabrics in-house and uses no water during the process. Similarly, Teeki also has an eco-friendly dyeing and printing process that reportedly doesn’t produce any ground contamination or water waste.

Another popular choice is the Om Collection’s H2OM recycled plastic eco leggings and capris made from recycled water bottles. The quick-drying fabric is touted as being ideal for both yoga and water sports, and the bold, fun prints mean that you’ll never have to choose between eco-responsibility and fashion.

Repurposing plastic bottles and containers will help keep them out of landfills and oceans, and these companies are just a few among many helping yogis live a sustainable, environmentally friendly lifestyle.

What do you think? Will you consider wearing these yoga pants for the sake of living more sustainably?

Image Credit: YogaDemocracy

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