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Editor's note: As many of you know, DOYOU recently ran a campaign on Kickstarter. We have a good feeling for how much hard work it is. That's why we are happy to share another yoga-related campaign with you guys. Check it out…

If your yoga studio is anything like mine, I’m sure you find yourself more often than not surrounded by a sea of black leggings and tank tops. Sure, there is an occasional neon stripe here or there… but, like a diet gone awry, most workout clothing has hit a bit of plateau.

Yoga is all about self-expression and channeling your inner spirit… and while I do have the occasional, “im’a wear black head-to-toe ‘cause im’a ninja” moment, there are also times where I feel more playful and energetic. On those days, I am usually rummaging through my closet looking for a brightly colored sports bra so that I can peek a strap and show at least a glimmer of personality.

But those days are over. About six months ago, when I found myself with two completely different wardrobes, I decided that things needed to change. I had these fun and flirty looks that I would don by day and then I would pull a Clark Kent and slip into a completely separate identity by the time I made it for my evening asana.

Being a fashion designer and fitness enthusiast, I wanted change this. I set out to see if I could bridge the gap and bring my two worlds together. I wanted to create one wardrobe that I could wear everywhere. The result is WERKSHOP: a fresh approach to High-Performance fitness apparel. I took everything that I love about premium active wear (Olympic-quality fabric and performance-enhancing sewing construction) and then painted them something wonderful with vivid prints that you cannot find anywhere else.

With WERKSHOP, I am able to wear something on the outside that reflects the spirit that I feel on the inside. Whether I am feeling romantic, energetic, or serene… I now have options that can embrace my spirit and express it for the world to see. Plus, my practice has never been more fun!

WERKSHOP is currently available for pre-order through kickstarter, for more information check out our campaign on Kickstarter.

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