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Why You Should Convince Your Man To Do Yoga

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Ladies, we have a serious problem going on. We’re men and we’re slightly trapped within our own bodies and minds.

There is hope and you can help. We just need a yoga class or two…or a monthly membership. And men, forgive my generalizations, but they exist for a reason. Check this out.

Here are just a few reasons to convince your man to do yoga.

  • Men are driven by our lower chakras.
  • We have massive egos.
  • We are lousy listeners.
  • When women just want to share, we think they need us to fix them.
  • We are obsessed with our body.
  • We are competitive little bastards — ultra competitive.
  • We care more about impressing others with our body than we care about our body being healthy. Our being healthy is more for others than ourselves.
  • We’re lousy listeners and talk too much.
  • We don’t like confrontation OR we love confrontation. Either way, it’s ego driven.
  • We have a tendency to boast or exaggerate to make us appear grander than we are.
  • Did I mention we’re bad listeners and big talkers?
  • We get stressed easily.

And that’s just a few. Here’s the magic of yoga. Can I share how it has given me relief?

1. It shuts me up for 1 to 2 hours.

That’s huge. It helps me notice my mind and to take notice of all the chatter. Wherever my mind goes, I catch it. It wriggles away, and I catch it again. It’s a whole game going on in my head.

2. I practice deep breathing.

This settles my mind. It relieves stress and allows me to see my problems in perspective instead of being so overwhelmed by looming fears.

3. I’m forced to get out of my competitive spirit.

I've been possessed by a competitive spirit ever since little league baseball, but in yoga, I keep my focus on my mat and my practice. For me, this has been healing and this has been huge.

4. I’ve learned that I like my body to feel good.

Yoga's taught me that it's not only nice to merely look good, it's really great to feel good too. Yoga gets my body tuned up, and I can feel that on the inside and out. And the best thing about it? These benefits I reap aren't a shallow dedication for anyone else; the benefits are truly my own.

5. Yoga has helped me rush around less and be present more.

This patience I've learned helps me eat slower and appreciate breathing, not just being. My yoga practice reminds me that I'm not a body and that nobody is a body. We merely have bodies. We are something much more substantial.

With your help, we can create a world free from pathetic male habits. Give the gift of yoga; whatever it takes to get him in the door. There is hope for us.

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