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I just had a moment of panic about my life and career. I feel like everything is at a stand still and that I’m going nowhere; like the choices I’ve made thus far have been wrong and I am naive to think things would magically work out because I want them to.

A Bit of Background

I just recently quit a job that I was doing well in but was unhappy at with the hope that I could find something better that I genuinely enjoyed and that would move me further in my career.

It was a scary feeling but I felt good about it, and confident that new and exciting opportunities would come up. However, a month with no call-backs or potential prospects has me worrying.

Recently my boyfriend and I have been discussing the idea of living together (his roommate is moving out) and this has me freaking out even more because I have no income coming in and I feel like my life is at a stand still.

I tried to calm myself down but I just felt this great urgency that I needed to do something right away. I need a job. I need an income. What was I thinking? I can’t keep holding out for something great, I need to take whatever I can get otherwise I’ll end up unemployed and alone with no prospects!

Back to the Present

I knew I had to snap myself out of this negative spiral and get my confidence back so I decided to Google some mantras to help with my self-confidence. I ended up finding these great quotes that resonated with me that calmed my nerves a bit and I found them on

I’ve never heard of this website before today and I decided to explore it. I ended up finding the video courses section and noticed they have free starter videos on yoga and meditation. I registered for them instantly!

I am so excited to start these videos, you have no idea! I feel this great sense of relief to have some guidance on being able to better navigate my thoughts and feel better about myself. I’m looking forward to this great journey and feel like I found this website just at the right time.

Thank you universe for leading me here!

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