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Why I Believe Yoga is Limitless

Yoga | Yoga for Beginners

I’m not sure exactly what level I’m at with yoga. I’ve not done it much yet (less than a year) and I’m not the most scheduled person, so it’s not a definite for everyday. But what I do know is how much it has already helped me.

I can honestly say, though I still get agitated by the same things, my reaction and mindset is so much calmer. Sometimes I feel so still on the outside but my mind is running my whole life and present, living through over and over, back and forth and just wont quit.

How Yoga Has Helped Me

Yoga has helped me become composed in every aspect, and that is partially thanks to DOYOU and to my self who has remained open and accepting of the sometimes strange and often challenging personality of yoga.

When I encourage others to try it out and they dismiss it as nothing more than “spiritual stretching,” instead of getting angry and defensive, I can understand how they came to uphold this attitude but also tell them that yoga is versatile and the practice is personal.

Yes, for some this is a very spiritual ritual, but it is also an ancient practice and art form that is evolving and being practiced into what is now for many — a source of healing, stress relief, natural “medication” for aches and pains, a way to finally do the splits (or a handstand) like you did as a child, and looking within and getting in touch with yourself.

And for others, yoga can also mean hardcore, muscle-building, and fat-burning exercise. I think if it helps you become comfortable with yourself and makes you feel good, this isn’t a bad thing.

Exploring Yoga and Its Physical Challenges

It’s hard. No doubt. I shake at some points and don’t follow along with every pose in the videos because I’m not able to without fearing collapsing to the mat with tired limbs. Wheel pose…raise your hand if you don’t think you can do it. It’s certainly one that needs practice on my part.

Having online guides and resources is a big help when you’re just starting to explore the world of yoga and want to know more. Everyone on this website is friendly and the yogis who teach me are great at it. I always try not to judge and remain open so I can cherish every bit of yoga I can get my hands on.

I say “yoga is limitless” not just because of the many benefits it offers, like good health, flexibility, freedom, happiness, de-stressing, and fitness. I say it’s limitless because of how yoga can affect your life in ways you could not expect…if only you are ready, open and able to accept it into your life.

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