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Why Honoring Yourself Means More Inner and Outer Love

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This simple, brief essay teaching you why honoring yourself means more inner and outer love is divided into six steps. These six steps lie in a specific order, with each step holding a key to opening the door for the next step.

1. When you honor yourself, you honor your needs and your health.

You start listening to your needs and what feels right to do and not do, and you act upon it!

You start eating healthier and drinking more water. You start saying no to what feels wrong or consumes all your energy, and saying yes to what makes you happy—even if others think it’s silly or that you ought to be doing something else.

You help your body and mind become stronger. You participate in events that lift your spirits and illuminate your dreams. You say YES to yourself.

2. When you honor your needs and your health, your body reacts with trust.

By saying yes to yourself, your needs, and your health, you’re constantly telling and showing your body that you really mean it:that you’re really honoring your body and that you really honor the steps you’re taking.

Then, the magic happens—your body reacts with trust. It starts letting go of what no longer serves you and opening up for the new. It starts replacing old cells with new bubbly ones. Your energy increases and your happiness level rises massively. You start feeling more at home in yourself and in your body.

3. When your body is in a state of trust, your heart opens and overflows with love for yourself and for the healthy decisions you are making.

When your body is in a state of trust and you start feeling more and more at home in yourself and in your body, your heart begins to open up and absorb all the self-caring and self-loving decisions you’re making in your life to honor yourself more and meet your needs to become healthier.

4. When your heart opens and overflows with love, you align with self-love and become more self-caring.

A profound, positive, and amazing consequence of you taking all these self-caring and self-loving decisions is that your heart starts beaming out of love for yourself. It aligns you with the place in your heart that holds an infinite amount of love for yourself.

The more self-caring and self-loving you become, the more access you have to deep self-love, and the more you start loving others as well.All of a sudden you might experience yourself caring for people you normally wouldn’t even notice.

You will start seeing people in another light, and might start liking the people around you more—even the ones that you didn’t like that much before.

5. When you align with self-love and self-care, you shine and become very vibrant.

When you align with that infinite self-loving place in your heart, start beaming self-love, and start seeing other people in a new light, you become very vibrant. You glow with love. You glow with happiness. You glow with magnetic charisma. You shine.

6. When you shine this light you attract outer love.

When you’re beaming with self-care and self-love, both for yourself and for others, you glow and shine brilliantly. You shine with a magnetic charisma that attracts outer love from men or women you meet on your way.

It attracts the people you already know in your life, and it definitely attracts new people to meet. They see you glowing and shining. You are a magnet and they want more of that love-beaming person standing or sitting in front of them.

The more you honor yourself, the more inner and outer love you win.~Zofiia Aleena Rose

It sounds very simple, but taking the actual steps to honor one’s self is another story entirely. That’s where it becomes a challenge for many of us: the everyday part of doing it. For many, it feels like the consequences of honoring oneself are too big.

If I honor my needs, my health, and myself, someone will be disappointed. If I honor my needs, my health, and myself, someone will get mad. If I honor my needs, my health, and myself, someone will dislike me. If I honor my needs, my health, and myself, someone will probably stop loving me.

The truth is someone WILL be disappointed. Someone WILL get mad. Someone WILL dislike you and someone might even stop loving you when you start honoring yourself.

Know that this is not YOU doing something wrong. It isn’t YOU they react to, but the feeling it awakens inside of them when you’re evolving and taking a step up. Their inner rules and expectations will be challenged when you start honoring yourself and taking responsible steps to inner happiness.

They might realize that they need to do the same as well, or just that something doesn’t feel right inside. That feeling might make them realize that they’re afraid to take the necessary steps, or that they don’t know how. It awakens uncertainty, and we react differently to uncertainty.

You are opening your heart in this process.

When honoring yourself, you’ll open up to loving the people who react this way even more.You begin to see them in another light. And you accept, forgive, let go, or just love them even more when they’re reacting.

Know that beneath all that reacting, they often truly admire you. They admire the steps you’re taking,the evolving you’re doing, and how you rise and shine. They often don’t know how to tell you that, but they are!

And that is the most important reason to keep going. You’re a role model for others, and they can truly be inspired by you. Just imagine how magical this world would be like, if we kept inspiring others to start honoring themselves as well.

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