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Why Breathing Is So Important

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I always laugh to myself when I remind people to breathe during a yoga class. It is such an automatic function you would think people would just know how to just inhale to expand and exhale to contract. It really isn’t that easy. Well, it is and it isn’t! Notice your breath right now. Is it tight and constricted or is it deep and slow? What are you doing right now? Are you stressed? Have you noticed when you’re stressed you hold your breath? Close your eyes and take a deep breath right now. Open your eyes, do you feel better? Of course you do. It is called the power of the breath. Here are a few reasons why breathing is so important.

B. R. E. A . T. H. E.

B- Breathing deeply and slowly allows you to begin to take notice of the world around you. Slowing down and paying attention to your breath is called being present. What’s going on in the present moment is the breath. If you pay attention to the breath you pay attention to your life.

R – Relax. Deep breathing helps you relax. Slow down and take some time to release your shoulders, spread your toes and relax your body.

E – Envision the breath moving in and out of your body. Your breath is revitalizing your cells, enriching your blood and bringing prana or life force into your body. With each inhalation envision yourself becoming stronger, more focused and more relaxed. With each exhalation envision your stress melting away. Inhale to energize your body, exhale to relax.

A – Aware. Bring awareness of everything around you by observing your breath. Enjoy the smell and the feel of the air around you. Really take this opportunity to look at the big picture.

T – Transform. Did you know that deep breathing changes the physiology of your body? Breathing in brings in energy and breathing out eliminates toxins. Oxygenating your blood through deep breathing aids in the body’s ability to heal itself.

H – Heal.

E – Enjoy. Breathing; being present; creating awareness; transforming your life; enjoying and showing gratitude for what you have is the key to aging successfully and to living joyfully and skillfully.

Please take a moment to breath in your life and exhale joy and gratitude

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