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What the World Would Be Like If Yoga Didn’t Exist

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Can you imagine a world without yoga? It would be a pretty bleak place, devoid of many life’s greatest pleasures, like Savasana and green smoothies. Let’s explore this scary alternate universe where yoga doesn’t exist.

1. This iconic photo shoot by Marilyn Monroe would never have happened.

Credit: Prasana Yoga Credit: Prasana Yoga

Try staying in that pose without first developing the core strength and breathing exercises to get you there. Actually, don’t—challenging poses like this require a strong grasp of the yoga basics to prevent injury.

2. “Healthy eating” would still look like this.

Credit: BuzzFeed Credit: BuzzFeed

The yoga craze inspired a focus on healthy eating, especially thanks to Ayurveda, which emphasizes wholesome foods to promote full-body healing. And no, the sugar diet is not on the Ayurveda menu.

3. And guys like this would still rule the gym.

Credit: Meme Crunch Credit: Meme Crunch

These days, Hans and Franz would be showing off their yoga moves instead of just flexing their massive (and totally not fake) muscles.

4. Celebrities would have nothing to do with their spare time.

Credit: TheMentaLiz on Tumblr Credit: TheMentaLiz on Tumblr

Since we see celebs like Reese Witherspoon and Emma Watson with their yoga props so often, we can only assume this is what their lives would look like if yoga wasn’t a thing.

5. No one would experience the magic of yoga pants.

Credit: Two Scoops. Get Huge. Credit: Two Scoops. Get Huge.

They’re comfy, functional, and make your glutes look great. No one—man or woman—wants to live in a world without yoga pants.

6. And without yoga pants, there would be no yoga pants pranks.

Credit: Guy Code Blog Credit: Guy Code Blog

I’m still laughing over this one.

7. The “monkey mind” would be your only mind…

Credit: Wiffle Gif Credit: Wiffle Gif

You know how your thoughts tend to run around uncontrollably as soon as you sit down for a moment of peace and quiet? Yeah, without the mental discipline of yoga and meditation, your brain would be like that all the time.

8. …So good luck managing overwhelming feelings.

Credit: Uproxx Credit: Uproxx

This would be me all the time if it wasn’t for my yoga practice.

9. No one would get the mind-body connection.

Credit: Daily Mail Credit: Daily Mail

More and more doctors are taking a mind-body approach to treating their patients, especially for stress-related illnesses and chronic pain. Without yoga’s emphasis on the mind-body connection, the best advice around would be “take two pills and call me in the morning.”

10. Worst of all, there would be no reason to lie on the floor with your eyes closed for long periods of time.

Credit: Draw Adrian, Draw! Credit: Draw Adrian, Draw!

A life without Savasana is hardly a life at all, in my opinion.


Let’s all take a minute to be grateful for our yoga practice. What would you miss most in a world without yoga?

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