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What REALLY Happens on a Yoga Retreat (ILLUSTRATED)

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Taking time out to go on a yoga retreat is such a special and beautiful gift that you can give yourself. It's an opportunity to reconnect to yourself, to deepen your yoga practice, to connect with like-minded people and to nourish, restore and reset the body, soul and mind.

There are a variety of "yoga retreats" and "yoga holidays" on the market these days ranging from the super strict and austere to the good-humoured and fun loving get-aways from everyday busy-ness.

What to Expect

What you can expect on a yoga retreat is a lot of sharing, a lot of connection, a lot of interesting and stimulating conversation, a lot of learning and of course, (obviously) a good amount of yoga! Depending on the yoga retreat you choose, you may also expect a good amount of funny moments and a whole heap of laughter and love.

Last year I taught on a yoga retreat in Tuscany hosted by a nutritionist, so I thought I would share a funny and super light hearted moment from our retreat – which had us all laughing until our sides ached.

So whilst lazing around the pool, soaking up the Tuscan sun I began chatting about the Chakras, and trying to (briefly) explain this intricate energetic system in a non-complicated way.

yoga retreat 1

yoga retreat 2

yoga retreat 3

Being a fairly new-to-yoga group, I had tried to keep the explanation of this energy system fairly simple — explaining the associated areas in the body, and the associated colours of each chakra.

Considering this was a yoga retreat hosted by a nutritionist who is all about the GUT HEALTH and a yoga teacher who is pretty into fueling the body in the best way, it wasn't long before all the ice had been broken, and it felt like we were all old friends.

But then the conversation turned to ahem…the correct shape, consistency and colour of… you guessed it: poop. I thought I had nailed the chakra explanation until the poop conversation took a turn…

yoga retreat 4

yoga retreat 5

yoga retreat 6

yoga retreat 7

We all had such a great chuckle! And was such a great funny moment to remind us all not to take life too seriously!

What are some of your favorite experiences and moments from a yoga retreat you went to?

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