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When Yogis Fly – AcroYoga 101

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The art of AcroYoga has elements of therapeutics, acrobatics, and yoga. It blends several concepts that cultivate love, trust, community, and above all, divine play. This practice was co-founded in 2003 by Jenny Sauer-Klein and Jason Nemer.

Yoga Flow, Solar Practice, and Lunar Practice

If you go to an AcroYoga class or workshop it will be broken down in three parts. First, a yoga flow to warm and prepare the body and mind. Although yoga experience is not completely necessary to participate in AcroYoga, your individual practice will benefit you later as you move through the other two phases.


During the Solar practice you learn acrobatic techniques, and begin partner conditioning drills to build strength and awareness in your own body. Your 3-person group will consist of a base, a flyer, and a spotter. The base is the foundation of the pose and assists the flyer as they move through the air, while the spotter makes sure this is done safely. These three work as a team to cultivate trust and empowerment in each other.

The Lunar practice consists of massage, partner yoga, and therapeutic flying. Inverted aerial massage is another way to describe therapeutic flying, where the base supports the flyer as they hang passively to receive massage and gentle stretches. As the flyer comes down they return the favor by massaging the bases legs. In this healing process we develop openness, receptivity, and the ability to let go.

Acro Yoga Overview

Fitness & Sweat


Strength & Balance

Mind & Spirituality


Overall difficulty

Purpose Of AcroYoga

The purpose of AcroYoga is for people to come together in a playful environment to build a loving, safe, and nourishing community. Within this community, individuals give and receive support and encouragement in order to develop their true potential.

Benefits Of AcroYoga

AcroYoga is a give and take practice, and through the experience you gain confidence and personal achievement, as well as trust in yourself and others. Communication skills are developed, while physical strength is improved. As you’re playing and having fun it also relieves stress! The best part of AcroYoga is the community that it creates with your fellow flyers, and being a part of something bigger.

Is AcroYoga For Me?

Do you enjoy a challenge? Do you want to take yoga to the next level? Are you interested in learning acrobatics? Are you a big kid at heart? If you answered yes to any of these questions, AcroYoga could be your next hobby.

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