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We Found The Best New Wellness Spots – All You Have To Do Is Book

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Wellness getaways are becoming more and more popular, and for good reason! Investing time and money on your health and wellness is a beautiful act of self-care. Ironically, disconnecting from the madness of the world is sometimes the best way to reconnect with ourselves and what truly matters, be it family, career, health. 

We’ve scoped out the best new wellness destinations, each full of its own yoga retreats, spiritual ashrams, fitness and spa getaways, and holistic treatment centers. All three of these destinations are abundant with lavish nature and tranquil vibes, creating the ideal environment to unwind from the hustle of everyday life. So go for it, you deserve it!


In recent years, Bali has become a wellness haven for novice yogis and serious practitioners alike. It’s no wonder that this is one of the hottest wellness spots in the world, where lush jungle meets breathtaking coastlines, accompanied by fresh, local foods (and cheap might I add!), with an all-around slower pace of life than many of us are used to. 

The Balinese culture is evidently infused into the serene getaways, from yoga and meditation retreats to fitness adventure excursions. 

Recommended: Don’t know where to start? Check out Ubud, a town sprawling with culture and life, surrounded by stunning scenery and a variety of luxury spa and wellness retreats to choose from.


If you live in the US and are looking for something a bit closer to home, Cali might be the one for you. As a hub for many modern day spiritual movements, California is known for its relaxed pace and health-conscious people, making it the ultimate environment for a luxury spa weekend or perhaps a yoga teaching training. Here you can find a combination of fitness, nutrition, and spirituality for the ultimate detox destination.

Recommended: If you’re a sucker for sweeping views of the ocean and indulgent relaxation, might I recommend Esalen, in Big Sur, which sits on the bluffs overlooking the stunning Pacific.


The birthplace of yoga and the heart and soul of many ancient spiritual practices, India is an oasis for wellness seekers. From the southern beaches resonating tranquility to the ashrams in the North tucked between Himalayan mountains, the massive country is a goldmine for spirituality.

That being said, this destination is for an adventurous traveler with a more flexible schedule as India is definitely a country that will test your patience. If you have the time and energy to devote to a very special type of wellness getaway, India is the place for you.

Recommended: Check out the Mata Amritanandamayi Ashram, located in the southern state of Kerala, home to the “Hugging Mother,” as her devotees fondly call her.


With something for every wellness seeker, Iceland offers relaxing, adventurous, and exquisite natural outdoor activities. From hiking glaciers to exploring active volcanoes, the Nordic island country provides an unparalleled experience that will delight all of the senses.

Recommended: Watch Iceland’s Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) after a day of healing at the Blue Lagoon geothermal spas.


Situated in Northern Africa, Morocco offers intriguing wellness opportunities with delectable cuisine, active expeditions, and calming spas. From mountains to beaches to desert, Morocco is the place to go for yoga or surfing retreats as well as luxury “glamping”.

Recommended: There are many beautiful wellness resorts to choose from, but make sure to try a hammam, a traditional Moroccan spa. These spas put well-being first, featuring ornate baths and blissful argan oil treatments.

Gifting yourself the opportunity to step out of your routine, unwind, and surrender to a world of serenity, peace, and love for a week could give you the mind-body ‘reset’ you need. Whatever it is you’re looking for Bali, California and India are all destinations rich with holistic programs that are devoted to inspiring health and happiness. So my fellow wellness-seekers, take a chance, book your retreat today because paradise is just on the other side.

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