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Traveling Within: 3 Ideas for an Affordable Autumn Escape

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Have you tried time traveling? It’s an efficient method to travel out of town when lacking the physical ability to travel.

Here’s a guide to go deep into the simple things and travel within you while enjoying the environment.

1. A Getaway for a Sunny Day

On a sunny day, find a greenhouse, rooftop terrace, or glass dome. Lie down on the floor in Corpse Pose (in Sanskrit, Savasana) and feel the rays of the sun wrapping and warming your heart.

Pay attention of the expansion of your chest as you inhale; on an exhale get rid of all moments out of the current moment. Create an image of a lotus which is growing from your heart; slowly start to feel openness in that area.

Leave that image and raise your legs in the air and feel the gravity and space. Concentrate on the spot between your eyebrows, and imagine a bright dot there. Imagine you’re on a plane traveling to a beach destination.

2. A Getaway for a Windy Day

On a windy day, find a grassy area and take a seat. Close your eyes and imagine you are sitting on a seashore.

Feel the wind touching your skin, almost like a sea breeze moving your hair. Embrace that shivering sense of movement and create a vision of how the wind has blown away all of your external difficulties to fulfill your life goals.

When you need to speed up your energy — observe colorful flowers, listen to new music, chase sunsets with a bike or on foot.

Try to make new trails on your way home. Each journey needs a dose of freedom, so try not to slip from autumn beauty. Jump in leaves, pick berries, or play with chestnuts.

3. A Getaway at Home

Find a corner of your home, light a candle, and dive into solitude. You can lie down on the floor or sit in a relaxing pose with crossed legs. Start to listen your breathing.

Put your left hand on your heart and your right on your belly. Notice the process of breathing and all the thoughts passing through your mind. With an eagle-eye just continue to observe them without analyzing how they popped up.

Afterwards, create an imaginary green bubble and close all of your tension, insecurity, and worries inside it. Then take a deep inhalation and exhale the balloon.

Bring back your normal breathing, place hands on your eyes, and open them as if you just woke up from a deep sleep. Welcome back from your autumn escape to your routine and schedule. Before you turn on your autopilot, smile and don’t forget to breathe and be conscious — time traveler.

The experience is in your hands.

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