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This Is How I Learned to Love Winter

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I was born in Israel and also lived there for the most of my life, and how to say it…we don't really have winter there. It is more like a strange and slightly annoying version of gray summer with occasional rain.

So you can only imagine how challenging it was for me to deal with the Berlin winter when I first moved here a couple of years ago. My first winter here had snow in in March—a month that I was naive to think of as the symbol of spring beginning.

As in everywhere, people like to complain about the weather, and even worse, blame the weather for all kind of problems that they have in their lives. I was one of this people as well, up until around my second winter in Berlin, when I decided to stop!

What is the point of complaining about the one thing that you can do absolutely nothing about? What an unfair thing to do to yourself, and to the winter, who is just doing its job. So instead I decided to try to count the positive features of the cold season and learn to love winter. Here's how.

1. You Greatly Appreciate the Occasional Sun

Beside the obvious, like snow and Christmas (that I, as a Jewish-buddhist, celebrate really just for fun and out of respect for Jesus), another cool thing that might happen in the winter and that also might brighten up your day is: occasional sun.

Yes, this rare thing that we almost forget is existing, still comes to visit us once in a while. And like everything we used to have plenty of and suddenly it becomes scarce, we learn to appreciate it much more. I found it especially true for small stuff, like the sun (or hot shower).

There is nothing more beautiful than a snowy frozen park under the winter sun, or the view of people sitting in the sun, still in their heavy coats, and enjoying themselves so much, as if they can drink the light up.

2. You Are More Likely to Go to Your Yoga Class

It is known around Berliner yoga teachers that in the winter, your class will grow. We all prefer to be indoor on this time of the year, and how lucky we all are, that yoga can be very comfortably practiced inside. You know that the studio is a warm, safe place and that this is your chance to get your self warm from the inside.

It doesn't matter how many layers you will wear, it will not unfreeze your bones deep inside. But a good yoga session will do the work, And will brighten your mind, all in the same time. Crazy, isn't it?

3. It's a Great Time to Deepen Your Practice

We all know that the winter is also great for some in-home indoor activities. I always advise my students to use this more time at home to start a practice also inside their own four walls. A home yoga practice is the best way to deepen your practice, and get to really know your self and your mind.

There is a term in yoga called Pratyahara, in short, it means withdrawing the senses. This activity is really crucial for meditation and the winter is a time when it comes much more naturally.

So I hope this helps you as well to find the bright side of winter find its best use instead of constantly complaining about the cold. In the end, it is a yoga practice to learn to be happy and satisfied with whatever you are given.

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