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The Reality Behind Instagram Photos

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One of the reasons Instagram is one of my favorite social media platforms is because it’s a largely positive space, where I can go to chill and look at pretty pictures of my friends drinking artfully placed coffee with some kind of inspirational caption. The politics, negativity, and judgey-ness of Facebook isn’t there.

But it’s very easy to fall into a different kind of judgey-ness on Instagram. Insta sometimes seems to be the land of the humble-brag. And I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not immune to this particular type of social media braggadocio.

When I post a particularly good yoga selfie, or an especially cleverly captioned shot from whatever travel destination I’m currently in, I get a bit too excited about how many likes I get.

Photo Credit: Chompoo Baritone Photo Credit: Chompoo Baritone

Here’s the thing: life on Instagram (and all social media) is fake. And to be honest, that’s another thing I enjoy. I can be whoever I want through social media.

While posting that awesome yoga selfie of you absolutely crushing Scorpion after months of work is really amazing and you should definitely do it (because positive affirmation rocks), it’s important to keep reality in mind when viewing pictures online.

That’s just what photographer Chompoo Baritone is trying to portray in her photo series showing the reality behind Instagram photos. So the next time you start getting yourself down about how you’ll never look like that person on Insta, or your rainy day will never be that perfectly sepia toned, keep this photo series in mind.

Photo Credit: Chompoo Baritone

Photo Credit: Chompoo Baritone

Photo Credit: Chompoo Baritone

Photo Credit: Chompoo Baritone

So stop comparing yourself! Instagram doesn’t always show the whole picture (pun totally intended).

All Photo Credits: Chompoo Baritone

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