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The Power of Aum

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To Aum or not to Aum—that is the question.

The idea of chanting in yoga class makes some of us nervous. We may not be sure what it is or what it means. It’s true, Aum makes some of us nervous. As a yoga teacher, I’m very selective about when I Aum. I never Aum in a beginner yoga class or when I teach a public non-yoga event like fitness shows.

I caution new teachers to know their audience when they Aum. Most people do not understand the power and the comfort of the universal vibration of Aum. The vibration of Aum is the great equalizer. It brings everything into balance.

Aum does not discriminate between skin color, size, gender or the whether your thighs touch in yoga pants. ~Dianne Bondy

Aum is for all of us. Aum is in all of us. Aum is the first un-stuck sound of the universe. It is the sound of the universe expanding. Aum is the vibration that all life feels and hears unknowingly. Stop and listen in closely; Aum is all around us. Aum is the sound of the universe.

If you were to step out into space and stand on the moon in sheer silence, you will feel and hear that universal sound.

What Does Aum Do for You?

The sound Aum is said to seed vibration of all creation and that it is the very first sound in the entire universe. Aum connects us to that base vibration. When we all sit together and breathe deeply, we slowly connect to something bigger than ourselves. When we Aum together, we are one.

The sound Aum is a great way to illicit the relaxation response. When we chant or sing the sound Aum, it has a calming effect on the body and mind; the heartbeat and breath begins to slow down, and peacefulness starts to permeate our being.

Aum Is Meditation

Singing the sound Aum in and by itself is a meditation. The chant Aum focuses the mind and allows you to focus on your breathing. Singing Aum lengthens your inhalations and your exhalations. The vibration of Aum within your body breaks up toxins and simulates your cells.

Aum is the great detoxifier. Aum is a healing vibration. And it can make you feel really, really good.

So next time you are feeling disconnected, unsettled and unfocused, try sitting quietly, closing your eyes and filling your body with the power of Aum.

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