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The Curse Of A Digital Lifestyle

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In a world of technology it can be easy to get caught up in the digital world. There is a ton of information, social media groups, and new communities we can join. Do you live your life in front of your computer or a mobile device? Where does most of your time go? Do you spend most of your time with people or with technology? Are you living the digital lifestyle?

Sitting In Front Of The TV With Your Laptop And Smartphone Next To You?

At first it was the convenience of having a phone at hand in order to communicate with our loved ones at a moments notice. Then it shifted over to having email available so we can work from our phones 24/7, making us more productive at work, but taking time away from our family who expects us to come home and leave work at work.

Whether you're an online entrepreneur, yoga teacher or shopkeeper, work is with us at all times. A smartphone in hand becomes the face of information we search for. It also becomes our way of making our lives known to many other by things like checking-in online when we arrive at a restaurant, club or shopping mall. We tweet our feelings and post our drama on Facebook. If we sit at home then the TV is on with our laptops and smartphones next to us.

Digital Lifestyle? It's YOUR Choice!

Enough of the same action makes it an unconscious pattern. So, as we continue to take a particular type of action, our unconscious either maintains a program or it gets reprogrammed. It all depends on the input. The input then is our daily choices to where we put our attention. It doesn’t have to be the same every day. It means being aware of the loved ones around us, giving them the obsessive attention at any moments notice.

Part of being in acceptance is not rejecting the innovations of the present (and future) in relation to technology. Life must include what is part of changing times, the digital lifestyle, as long as we never forget the people around us. You can reprogram your thoughts to incorporate technology which can bring harmony in a diverse and ever changing world. No matter how digital life gets, just remember your heart and soul is all about happiness.

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