Up the ante on your strength and flexibility with deep twists and challenging peak poses.

Ready to kick things up a notch? Let Liz Huntly teach you how to go deeper into your backbends, add challenging twists to your favorite poses, and work up to peak postures in this advanced Vinyasa workshop module. What is it? The Advanced Vinyasa Workshop consists of 5 challenging sessions that’ll build up strength and flexibility by targeting different muscle groups in your body. Get more out of your yoga twists, hip openers, and backbends, and learn how to stay safe as you work up to advanced peak poses. Do I need experience? Ideally yes. This workshop was created specifically for intermediate to advanced level yogis. Who is my teacher? Vinyasa yoga teacher extraordinaire Liz Huntly will lead you through challenging asana progressions for increased strength and flexibility. Join her in 5 amazing sessions as she teaches you how to approach advanced yoga poses safely and effectively.
Your TeacherLiz Huntly

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The Advanced Vinyasa Workshop