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One (Unexpected) Reason You Cannot Manifest What You Want in Your Life

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A lot of people come to me telling me they’ve done all the work to manifest what they want in their lives; they have de-cluttered, forgiven, realigned their mind to the vibrations of their Source, and yet…nothing.

How Does One “Manifest?”

Here’s a secret: there are two main things that are blocking you from manifesting what your heart desires. The first one, needless to say, it’s your attitude of gratitude. The more you are grateful about what you already have, the more you will receive. As easy as that.

The second one is a bit sneakier. In order to manifest, you must have a healthy mind and a healthy body. If your body doesn’t have enough energy to attack the day, it will inevitably bring you down mentally and emotionally and interfere with your manifesting ability.

The connection between your mental-emotional and physical state is such an obvious one, yet we tend to forget about it. If you want to manifest everything you are looking to get this 2015, you need to take care of yourself first.

On Taking a Break

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, and forget the value of taking a break, and resting in order to allow our body to find its very own balance.

What we’ve forgotten is how well everything flowed for us when we did feel good, so we keep forcing things and tire our bodies out, asking it to overperform, when all we want really is a night off.

We may be spiritual beings, but we are still living a physical experience. What this means is that our physical bodies are the conduits for the energy that allows us to create and manifest what we want.

The motivation to take action comes from a place of self-love, but even more importantly, of self-care. ~Fab Giovanetti

I thereby allow you to have a day off, take a bath and undo your hair. Really, no more messy buns. I allow you to go out for a stroll at lunch break, rather than ignore the word ‘lunch break.’

Eat foods that lighten you up, rather than starving yourself in diets and depriving your body of certain foods. Yes, I am giving you permission to bake on a Friday night. Have a long weekend in, just decline any invite, and skip that run outside or the gym.

Just rest and play more. The state of your physical body and how you feel each day is a really good indicator of what you will manifest into your life, so the better you feel, the more positive the outcomes will be. Now it’s time to go out and play.

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