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Meditate to this 8-Minute Film of One Man’s Epic Antarctica Journey (VIDEO)

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Many of us have a picture in our mind of what meditation looks like—sitting crossed legged with hands in some sort of fixed arrangement, eyes closed. But in reality, it’s actually quite different. Meditation can take many shapes and forms, just like us.

If you love traveling but have never tried—of have difficulties practicing—meditation, you can venture into the mindfulness and meditation world with this vastly calming film of one man’s epic Antarctica journey through the Melchior Islands.

Allow yourself to become completely absorbed in every beautiful detail of this film. Trace the movement of the ripples in the water, whales gliding through the deep waters, massive icebergs and glaciers floating, boats slowly pushing through the freezing water, and the sweeping, twirling gray and light blue skies.

Breathe comfortably along with the music or the motion of the videography—whatever resonates with you. At the end of the film, close your eyes and continue to inhale and exhale with this sense of peace and calm that you cultivated.

Meditation allows us to access the same state of mind we achieve when we travel—a sense and feeling of freedom, escape, and release. So quench your wanderlust without having to travel at all by combining a meditation practice with this travel video. Enjoy!

Video credit: Kalle Ljung

Featured in New York Magazine, The Guardian, and The Washington Post
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