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Check Out These Leggings Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles (VIDEO)

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Girlfriend Collective is a new clothing company devoted to reducing waste from fast fashion trends. That feeling when you buy a cute new pair of leggings, wear them twice, and then ditch 'em? Yeah, Girlfriend Collective isn’t into that. They’re committed to creating trendy, quality leggings so lovable that you "won’t cycle through [!them!] the next time you look through your closet."

On top of that, they are reusing materials to make the leggings—plastic bottles. So far, Girlfriend Collective has turned 6 million water bottles into leggings. These leggings are produced in a SA8000 facility—meaning,  it is certified by Social Accountability International.

Girlfriend Collective wrote on their website, "this organization created this certification to help and protect workers worldwide by providing a standardized guideline to protect the integrity of workers’ conditions and wages….Our factories, certified SA8000, use zero forced or child labor, and always provide living wages and safe conditions." Talk about ahimsa.

Through a yoga practice, we cultivate principles and ideas that we hope to take off the mat and into the world. Girlfriend Collective is supporting yogis in living their yoga by providing eco-friendly, sustainable clothing options, and empowering us to think about where our clothing is coming from.

To spread the good word and love of leggings, Girlfriend Collective offered their leggings for free for a limited time. Many comments on the Facebook video, and across all other forms of social media, praise the leggings. You can get your own when Girlfriend Collective’s line officially launches this Spring 2017.

Video credit: NowThisHer

Image credit: Grace Abbott

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