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Learning Humility: How to Surrender and Succeed

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In today’s world, many of us love to be the center of attention, yet at times we forget that we are not the only ones who deserve the spotlight.

We all have a purpose equally as large as one another, and we all have a chance to rise above the rest and make a difference in our own lives, which in turn affects the entire world!

Do Others Get the Credit You Deserve?

With that being said, there comes a time where many of us become entitled and think we deserve all the attention and credit, even when it isn’t fully due to us. Or on the other hand, do you remember as a child when you and your siblings would clean the house together and your parents would give more credit to another sibling, even if you did the bulk of work?

Personally, I have had many experiences in this beautiful life where I felt left out, abandoned, or forgotten because of these simple instances. At times I blamed others for these feelings I developed because I did not understand the concept of humility, and/or allowing others to take credit.

Simply put, I was not surrendering to what was at the time.

I still have encounters with this “mental virus,” yet I know how to take an easier, more soothing route through the ego’s tricks to bring me down into a lower vibration.

Accept What Is

Recently I have been practicing being humble in these scenarios instead of being upset about it. I am choosing to do something about it, and no, it’s not chiming in and weaseling your way into credit, it’s called Accepting What Is

The simple act of surrendering to things you cannot control is an act of empowerment. So what if your boss didn’t praise you, or your teacher noticed your classmate’s paper over yours, or any of the other infinite possibilities that we have experienced.

None of these things actually matter on the grand scheme of life. The credit you deserve will be due if you allow it.

Let Someone Else Take Credit

Another plus of letting someone else take credit is that it allows them to feel special and gifted. Maybe they needed that praise more then you to take themselves to the next level, which in turn could make your life better. You simply just never know, and heck, may as well just let it be so!

Just because you let others take credit does not mean that you cannot be a success! Many people who look to reach success feel like they have to have the biggest transformation, the best content, and the best things to say, which leads to a lot of focus and attention on themselves.

I am not bashing this, as creating attention and shining your light is vital for growth, but as everything goes, there must be a state of balance. At times, I have pushed myself too hard to surpass others or create more attention for the silly ego, but…

Life is not a competition with others, its all about becoming your greatest version.~Skylar Lysaker

It does not matter how many people see what you create or how much credit you get for it. If you connect with 25 people on a 100-percent-received understanding level of what you shared vs. 100 People on a 50-percent-received understanding level, those 25 people are going to go and share it way more accurately than the 100 people!

Now THAT is a humbling success strategy.

What You Can Do to Cultivate Humility

I have learned how to cultivate humility from many people in life, and these concepts have been the biggest of help in learning how to surrender and succeed.

  1. Understand that everything will always work out, even when you “feel” you’re being jipped, the universe has something better in store for you.
  2. Accept what is and accept what you cannot control, which is basically everything besides your emotions, thoughts, and actions.
  3. Feel happy when others get credited, because when others succeed around you, you are bound to succeed as well.
  4. Go out into nature and observe how life flows, and how everything helps one another and receives credit (obviously not like us in the human form). I have learned so much from watching squirrels in my yard — it’s absolutely mind-blowing. I’d highly recommend it, because you’ll completely forget about anything upsetting watching squirrels run free and jump from branch to branch like an acrobat.

Many blessings to you on your personal journeys, enjoy yourself, and enjoy watching others enjoy too.

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