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How Yoga Can Be In Everything You Do

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Since I started yoga I have felt it creep slowly into other aspects of my life. After a few years I cannot help but notice the sprit of yoga in my words, actions and in the person I dream of becoming. For many of us, however, yoga and exercise occupy a separate section of our lives but I want to change that. If you spend so much time on your health then shouldn’t it be included in who you are the rest of the time?

Your Practice Doesn’t Have To Stop When You Step Off The Mat

Every moment has the potential to be infused with calm, understanding and improvement. The courtesies that we follow in yoga carry over into day-today life. Some are obvious like commitment and work ethic. Others are subtle like the kindness we try to express when we refuse to judge someone for not being as flexible today and the way that we silently ask others not to judge us at the same time.

Each Action We Take Is A Chance To Insert Yogi Philosophy

Tying your shoes is an opportunity to remember the lengthening of your calves and sitting up straight on the subway can be a momentary centering of your mind amid city chaos.

Every time that you remember the stillness at the bottom of a breath or stretch at your desk taking a moment to reconnect your mind with your body, you are bringing your practice into the present.

Flex your fingers And Fix Your Energy. Brush Your Teeth And Stack Your Spine

Do your best to make every part of your yoga practice worthwhile. Live yoga and everything that it stands for: breathe deeply, try harder, observe small changes, listen to others, listen to yourself. Soon your yogi self and your off-the-mat self will be indistinguishable.

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