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How To Love ‘The Yoga Girl’

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Circa the twentieth century, a new species was discovered: the yoga girl. This creature speaks in metaphor and energy, and is often praised for her cheerfulness, her flexibility and her ass. She is sometimes vegan, often vegetarian, and always concerned about her poop. (A rare admitted fact, but, indeed, hyper-awareness to bodily function is always found in this species.) Most importantly, the yoga girl is lovely creature to spend your time with.

The yoga girl is hard to pin down. Although she manifests differently (see: Sita), certain attributes of the yoga girl are constant. A yoga girl will listen to you and dream for you. A yoga girl will leave you to practice. A yoga girl will be giddy and content, and then you will catch her weeping on her mat. A yoga girl will keep a portion of her heart from you. (She doesn’t mean to!)

So then, if you’ve managed to attract this mythical creature, how can you love her?

1) Be On Your Yoga Girl’s Side

Your yoga girl has taken a leap (or handstand) away from the mainstream. And, though she’ll struggle to admit it, your yoga girl often feels like she’s doing it alone. By redefining herself outside of traditional socio-cultural roles, your yoga girl has made herself vulnerable. And, while she can quote Brene Brown and explain how important vulnerability is to wholehearted living, your yoga girl will be tested by her ego more often than she likes. LOVE HER THROUGH THIS. Let her rarity and her shocking honesty inspire you to conform less. Be willing to really listen when she talks about ‘funny energy’ and hindu myths. Be willing to love the fact she has many teachers as a ‘grown-up’. And, when in doubt, hold her.

2) Do Not Try To ‘Fix’ Things For Your Yoga Girl

At times, it will seem like your lovely girl wants to save everything. She’ll become vigilant about GMOs, Africa, and Ayurveda. Let her rant for a while. Let her be frustrated and upset. And, then let your yoga girl find her own way. In addition to her hugely open heart, your yoga girl has insight all her own. And, while you definitely have a point when you say that she ‘can’t change everything’, you are wrong to step in and try to fix things for your beauty. Your yoga girl believes in change. You yoga girl WILL change things. This is what makes her incredible.

3) Understand That You Are Needed

As much as your yoga girl shows up with independence and spirit, she wants you holding her hand through her journey. She yearns to connect deeply. Your yoga girl appreciates the (struggle and) beauty of every moment. And, although she practices non-attachment, your yoga girl wants to share the beautiful practice of letting go with you by her side. Tell her you love. Show her you love her. And, then repeat this for the rest of your beautiful life.

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