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How to Harness the Power of Yoga to Nurture Persistence and Determination

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Yoga is more than just a body-based wellness practice. Its power extends to the realms of the mind, inspiring us to adopt a focused, determined approach to all pursuits in our lives.

Here are few key methods in harnessing the power of yoga:

1. Commit

Commitment begins in the mind and is strengthened by the will. And it’s even more powerful, one could argue, when pen touches paper. You’d be surprised at how effective it is to keep a journal or calendar handy, charting out your daily practices and sprinkling motivational notes and quotes throughout. Nothing says commitment like a well-kept calendar! 

Weave the power of yoga into your schedule by aligning your tasks and actions with your practice. Let’s suppose you like to start out your week with vinyasa. It might be a good idea to infuse other lively activities into your Mondays, as well. When you feel the need to pull back and go within (usually mid- to end-of-week), tapping into the healing power of restorative yoga may be your best bet.

2. Embrace Your Growth 

The beauty of yoga is that we’re always growing under its influence. Whether it’s physically, emotionally, or spiritually, yoga nudges us out of our comfort zones and gently nurtures our inner and outer development.

If any area of your life feels stagnant, it stands to reason that this part of your experience has room for growth. Studying our habits with curiosity and an open mind can help us approach our shortcomings with less judgment. Only then can we unfold into the unknowing and claim our new state of being!

3. Go with the Flow

Persistence is often assumed to be the result of unwavering dedication. While focused dedication is a key piece of the puzzle, it tows the line between success and self-sabotage. How often do we stand in our own way based on unrealistic expectations of ourselves? 

Yoga is the very definition of “go with the flow.” We aim for a pose and settle into something that works for us. There is no room for perfection here, comparison, or ego, and releasing the need to be stringent is the antidote to these popular sabotagers. 

Once we set our sights on something meaningful and back it up with some follow-through, we often find that everything else falls into place beautifully. Try giving yourself more wiggle room, less judgment, and watch your true potential unfold – nurtured by the power of yoga!

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