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How To Craft Your Own Home Yoga Space

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Creating an at-home yoga practice space can be a powerful part of the at-home yoga practice journey and the starting place for a truly revolutionary yoga experience. The stages of setting an intention, vetting a space, and then creating a ritualized practice in an area of your home can exciting, meaningful, and initially even down right overwhelming.

Your yoga space doesn’t have to be ornate, filled with $1,000 worth of yoga gear, or be a separate room painted in Sherwin William’s Spa Day Blue paint complete with heated, imported, organic bamboo floors. It doesn’t have to replicate the sensations that you’ve felt when practicing at a beloved studio and it doesn’t have to come together in the matter of 30 minutes. What it does need to be is accessible, private, and a space for you to retreat.

Ask Yourself 6 Question When Creating Your Yoga Space

  1. What time will I be practicing? How will the light, house traffic, and temperature play into the space where I practice?
  2. What parts of the house cause some reaction from me – peace, stress, anxiety – and are these things that need to be addressed in order for this area to be a sacred space?
  3. Does this space have room for me, a mat, and some props? Does it have a wall?
  4. Can I add some ‘me’ to this space with some low budget fixes?
  5. If this isn’t a separate area, can I create an environment and ambiance with an unfolded mat, a basket of props, and some other things to inspire me to arrive on my mat?
  6. Have I discussed the intention and boundaries of this space with the other dwellers in my house?

Share with us: after taking time to answer these questions, what inspired action have you taken?

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