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How to Coach Yourself When Making Big Decisions For Your Future

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As the New Moon just peaked in, bringing new energy and big intentions, our resolutions and goals may shift throughout this time, and we come across big decisions that could affect us on a very personal level.

We don't always have a coach or a mentor there to help us when these moments arrive, and it’s just ourselves we can count on. So how do we coach ourselves through making big decisions that will affect our future?

Write a Letter to Yourself in the Future

By that, I mean write to the future you who already made the decision and reaped the rewards. You’ll bend time and space, and make it possible for all of these things to come true. Just like a making wand.

To do this, first of all, take two big breaths, each time pushing all of the negativity out of your body. Then grab the most wonderful piece of paper you have. An ink pen will also work wonders.

Put pen to paper and watch the ink blossom as you write out your heart. Be clear on what you need to let go of, anything that has been weighing you down, and be grateful for the choice of going through it.

Write It, Right Now, In The Moment

Write with all the emotion attached to the things that weigh you down, FEEL it. And then declare to yourself, to your divinity, to the universe, that you want to release all that negativity.

Then, simply write all the good things that you are going to accomplish now that all those things that hold you back and weigh you down are out of the way. Now, put that piece of paper away, you’ll come back to it later.

You’d be surprised at how many things will happen just the way you wanted them to. Just remember to think with the end in mind.

Often, I find that writing these letters to a future version of myself not only takes the pressure out of my own hands, but it also takes the size out of an issue which I perceive to be much bigger than it is. Coach yourself into making a big decision by channeling yourself on the other side of it.

Simply put—cheer yourself up for your promotion, for moving into a new place, for learning a new skill, for being in a new, loving relationship, anything you want…before it all even happens. Just leave it out there, trust and let go, and let the magic unfold.

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